Psilocybin Content Calculator

Psilocybin Content Calculator

Dried Weight (grams)
Psilocybin Content (mg)

Calculate the estimated psilocybin content of your dried mushrooms.

*Based on the average psilocybin content of common varieties of psilocybe cubensis.

Wet to Dry Weight Converter

Wet Weight (grams)
Dried Weight (grams)

Calculate the estimated weight of your mushroom yield once dried to account for the 92% water content.

Grams to Milligrams


Use this converter to make sure you are placing decimal points in the proper place when calculating dosing.

Grams to Ounces


Having trouble switching between the metric system and imperial units? This may help.

Doses used in various clinical trials:

Johns Hopkins: 30mg of pure psilocybin (Mental health)

Yale: 10mg of pure psilocybin (Headache Trials)

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