In Valle De Bravo, Mexico.

A Curated Psilocybin Retreat Experience

Eleusinia Psilocybin Retreat is a curated wellness and educational travel experience dedicated to the comfort and security of our guests. We provide an all inclusive travel experience with supportive, caring guides in an intimate setting in the mountains of Mexico. Our retreat is a unique combination of an authentic cultural experience and meditative training. Guests navigate an intense psychedelic experience, and train on meditation practices using psilocybin. The cultivation class sets visitors on a path for independence.

A Luxurious Psilocybin Retreat

Our psilocybin retreat is held at a luxurious villa on a mountain lake in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The comfort, security, and privacy of our guests are our main priorities, with door to door airport pick-up and drop off, chef prepared meals, and caring support.

Meals, Activities, and Transportation Included

All meals, activities, and transportation are included in the price of the experience, except the direct cost of the psilocybin mushroom ceremony. Due to the legalities, we cannot collect payment directly for participation in this aspect of our retreat. In order to participate in the ceremony, the guest must pay the shaman directly ($30 USD). The shaman conducting the ceremony will collect fees shortly before starting the ceremony. After the observance, guests retire to a comfortable area in time to experience the effects with the support of the guides.

Psilocybin Retreat with Quality And Safety in Mind

Eleusinia takes great interest in the quality of the consumables offered to our guests. We consult closely with the local shaman conducting the ceremony to ensure that all materials are cultivated, prepared, and stored properly.

Psilocybin Retreat with VR Meditation

VR headsets and meditation apps are used periodically during the experience to direct the participant’s attention and provide a calm, controlled environment.

VR Meditation

VR headsets and meditation apps are used during the experience to direct the participant’s attention and provide a calm, controlled environment.

Meet the Team

The Eleusinia team is ready to support you through this experience. We are a diverse group with various talents and interests ranging from neuroscience, meditation and yoga, psysics, and spiritual mushroom ceremonial practice. Keep in touch with the community after the retreat on our guest network.

Mushroom Cultivation Course

At every retreat, you have the option to spend an afternoon learning home mushroom cultivation. The method taught utilizes professional techniques, but is easy to follow and utilizes minimal tools and equipment. We want to help you skip the learning curve and take the mystery out of the process of mushroom cultivation. After this workshop, you won’t need to bother with confusing online instructions or unreliable kits.

Stay Connected

After visiting Eleusinia, stay in touch with us and fellow guests through our network. Think you’ll have cultivation questions after the class? Would staying in touch and sharing experiences and support with other visitors be helpful? We make it easy with our own group on Mighty Networks. Our network offers a place to share pictures, “gardening advice”, chat with other members,  and stay up to date with recent psychedelic research/news.

The network is only available to confirmed guests and past visitors, so privacy is a priority. Available on both desktop and mobile.

A Psilocybin Retreat With Your Long Term Success In Mind

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We are a psilocybin retreat with a mission to provide our guests with knowledge and confidence to utilize psilocybin to pursue variety of wellness goals. During group discussions, we cover a variety of techniques to promote a smooth, pleasant and productive psychedelic experience. Our retreat includes a comprehensive mushroom cultivation course to provide our guests the ultimate independence.

Our retreat discussions are science based, but spiritually inspired. We invest a significant amount of care into curating the quality and depth of the psychedelic experience, guiding our guests on a complex sensory journey. The program is designed to ultimately put the guest in the driver’s seat and provide confidence for future journeys.

Day 1

Airport Pickup


Welcome Dinner



Group Mixer

Day 2



Mushroom Session

Late Lunch



Day 3


One on One Integration

Mushroom Cultivation Class*



Optional DMT


Day 4


One On One Integration

Relax Time

One on One Integrations

Ice Plunge

Mushroom Session


Day 5


Cultivation Q&A



Airport Drop Off

Flights Home

* Learn the basic techniques of home mushroom farming at this psilocybin retreat so you can produce a variety of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms on your own back home.
**Recommended for individuals that may not have had a significant reaction to the first psilocybin session, but may be contraindicated in individuals that have had a recent significant experience.

Psilocybin Retreat Pricing

Airfare not included. 

Psilocybin Retreat Private Room

Up to Two Guests (King or Two Queens with Private Bathroom)

4 Nights / 5 Day Retreat

Meals Included

Airport Transportation

Cultivation Class

Yoga / Meditation

1 Hour Massage

Private Integration Session


Psilocybin Retreat Shared Room

Two Guests Per Room (Two Queens)

4 Nights / 5 Day Retreat

Meals Included

Airport Transportation

Cultivation Class

Yoga / Meditation

1 Hour Massage

Private Integration Session


The Only Mushroom Retreat With A Dedicated Podcast And Cultivation Course