A Psilocybin Retreat For A More Mature Crowd

At Eleusinia Retreat, we have a noticeably different atmosphere in comparison to most psilocybin retreats. To start, our visitors are often older than the average psychedelic retreat visitor. The mood is also a bit more on the contemplative side. Maybe it is because we work hard to make a psilocybin retreat that is comfortable and accessible to individuals with health challenges, and that makes the program appeal to a different kind of crowd.

Making The Experience Comfortable

Ingesting psilocybin can be highly disruptive and uncomfortable. It can also be an extremely pleasant and meaningful experience. How you feel about your environment and the people around you can have a big impact on this. Your physical comfort will also have a big impact on the experience. If you are not comfortable with an environment that a little too heavy on the woo and light on the facts, you might not be comfortable with many psilocybin retreats. At Eleusinia, we take great care to avoid the nausea that often accompanies taking psilocybin. At other retreats, you might find yourself doing some communal vomiting while being encouraged to “let the bad energies out”.  I am not saying that one way is right while the other way is wrong, just that some people will feel more comfortable in a less chaotic environment.

Though psilocybin can cause nausea, it is not a necessary part of the experience. We take nausea control seriously and do everything physically possible to make sure you have a pleasant experience. We use VR headsets and visually stunning meditation apps to keep the session pleasant and dynamic.

psilocybin retreat

Empowering The Guest

For most situations, one psilocybin session is not enough to resolve a chronic pain or psychological condition. Even just using psilocybin for its anti-inflammatory properties alone involves taking small doses once or twice a month over a long period. Visiting one psilocybin retreat is not going to provide this. So, we empower our visitors to take control of their own experience. We coach them to control and manage the psychedelic session and we teach a mushroom cultivation class so they can continue their meditation practice after returning home.

Psilocybin Retreat For Grownups

There is no population that stand to benefit more from psilocybin than the aging population. As we age, a whole slew of ailments starts to rear their heads. It is a good time to start thinking about getting ahead of the inflammation that could lead up to arthritis or even the neuroinflammation that leads to Alzheimer’s. Psilocybin can enrich our life experience to a great extent, but the more mature among us may not want to traipse around a retreat with a bunch of college kids. Eleusinia is the psilocybin retreat for grownups.

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