We understand that you have many options to consider when choosing a psychedelic retreat. Beyond the substances themselves, there are significant differences among retreat centers in terms of quality, offerings, and privacy. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine your priorities before making a decision.

Eleusinia stands out with the most immersive and intensive psilocybin and DMT program currently available. Committed to your ongoing success, Eleusinia is the ONLY retreat offering exclusive mushroom cultivation and DMT extraction classes.

Does DMT interest you? Many Eleusinia visitors find their DMT experience as impactful, if not more so, than their psilocybin experience. Since many other psilocybin retreats don’t offer DMT, this could be a compelling reason to choose Eleusinia.

Is safety a top concern? Having a 24-hour on-site medical professional like Eleusinia does is quite rare in the industry. Most retreats, if they have medical staff at all, hire contractors specifically only for session hours. Alternatively, in places like Oregon, the service center where the retreat takes you for the psychedelic sessions may have their own staff which will not be present at all after they bus you back to the AirBNB.

Does privacy and comfort matter to you? If you wouldn’t normally consider sharing a room or a bathroom with a stranger on a regular vacation, then now is probably not a good time to start. In fact, privacy and other creature comforts become even more important in combination with the neuroplasticity induced by retreat activities.

Does quality matter to you? If a retreat operates solely in temporary rentals with a revolving door of outside vendors for yoga classes, sound baths, meals, and medical services, they can’t guarantee consistency and quality. Eleusinia’s staff and location are fixed, ensuring consistently high-quality service.

How does Eleusinia differ from other retreats in locations like Oregon? The key difference lies in the setup of psychedelic sessions. Oregon retreats typically don’t host these sessions on their premises; instead, they transport participants to off-site service centers for psilocybin experiences. While many advertise picturesque “retreat centers” surrounded by nature, the reality is that your experience occurs off-site, akin to a salon park in a strip mall where rooms are rented to different organizations. The support staff at the service center will likely not be employees of the retreat you booked. At Eleusinia, we believe that continuity of care is extremely important, and that a revolving door of different faces is detrimental to the retreat experience. 

Contrary to this, Eleusinia takes a different approach. We don’t shuttle visitors elsewhere for psilocybin sessions; everything happens right here on our 100-acre private, gated facility. This setup allows guests to truly immerse themselves in the environment, fostering a deeper connection with the space and ensuring a safe and exclusive experience guided by our trained staff.

How is Eleusinia distinct from other retreats in Mexico? Our retreat center is a fully private gated estate in a cool, serene mountain setting—not a bustling, hot beach town. Eleusinia’s atmosphere is focused and mature, free from party culture distractions. We prioritize your long-term progress and success. Many retreats in Mexico are situated in lively beach towns, using temporary Airbnb rentals or condos with shared common areas. The pictures might look enticing, showing lovely amenities like pools, beaches, and gyms, but imagine what these spaces would be like full of rowdy and possibly inebriated vacationers. Due to these setups, you might be confined indoors during the actual psychedelic sessions. Eleusinia, on the other hand, provides privacy and safety, allowing sessions in our expansive private gardens.

We get it—flying off to a foreign land for a psychedelic journey can sound nerve-wracking. And sure, Mexico City might not be the first place that pops into your mind for a relaxing getaway; it’s not exactly topping the charts in your typical tourist brochure. But hey, stepping off that well-trodden path? It’s got perks, and we promise, taking this leap of faith with us will be worth it.

When you choose us, you’re opting for an experience that goes above and beyond. Our private, dedicated location and expert team allow us to offer more than your average retreat. We’re talking tangible value that trumps anything you’ll find elsewhere. 

Valle de Bravo? Think of it as Mexico City’s posh Hamptons—a hotspot for the city’s elite to unwind. And us? Well, we’re carving out our niche as the Davos of psychedelic retreats, where luxury meets deep conversations about mind-altering practices.

More than 800 delighted guests from various corners of the globe have enjoyed our seamless airport pick-up service. This process involves a smooth transition from the airport terminal to the Courtyard Marriott via a skybridge, where they meet our transport to begin their journey to our retreat center. While a few visitors opt to explore popular city spots, the majority don’t venture beyond the airport before boarding our Mercedes Sprinter van and heading to our location.

Eleusinia’s decision not to operate in the US is rooted in several factors, including legalities and budget considerations.

Firstly, DMT is prohibited across the US, and yet it’s a substance that many of our visitors find profoundly transformative and describe as the highlight of their stay. If we were to operate in the US, we’d have to omit DMT from our program, including the extraction course. This would undoubtedly result in a subpar experience for our guests, and we’re not willing to compromise on quality.

Additionally, operating in Oregon, with its new psilocybin laws, would pose challenges. We’d have to shuttle participants to and from psilocybin service centers for sessions, which we believe would significantly detract from the overall guest experience, based on our extensive experience in the field.

Furthermore, running a fully dedicated private retreat center with 10 individual guest rooms and a full-time staff is costly. The expenses would be exponentially higher in the US compared to Mexico. Being in Mexico allows us to offer a premium experience at a reasonable price. We prioritize personal space and provide tailored support with luxurious touches—all within a budget-friendly framework that wouldn’t be possible in the US.

DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is a potent yet short-acting psychedelic compound. It operates on a similar mechanism as psilocybin, another psychedelic substance. At Eleusinia Retreat, many of our guests find their DMT experiences to be just as impactful, if not more so, than their psilocybin sessions, often considering it a highlight of their stay.

Following their retreat, some visitors at Eleusinia continue with a psilocybin microdosing regimen, while others integrate intermittent DMT use into their routines to enhance their outcomes. With the knowledge gained from our classes on DMT extraction, individuals can harness this compound as a potent tool for ongoing neuroplasticity enhancement beyond the retreat experience.

No way! Absolutely not. You wouldn’t share a bedroom with a stranger on a regular trip, and we would never expect you to start now. Just imagine what could go wrong! Snoring, bad bathroom etiquette, messiness- why risk ruining your retreat experience with a wildcard like an unknown roommate? Especially when you are experiencing the enhanced neuroplasticity associated with psychedelic experiences, peace and privacy are extremely important. We are all way past the age for summer camp-style accommodations, so Eleusinia is designed to protect your privacy and peace of mind.

At Eleusinia, each of our 10 guestrooms is reserved for private bookings, and they all come with their own ensuite bathrooms. While you have the option to add another guest (friend, family member, partner, etc) to your room for an additional $2500, please be assured that we will never assign anyone else to share your room. We firmly believe that sharing a room with a stranger can potentially have a negative impact on your retreat experience. Unlike many other retreats that commonly pair strangers together, we avoid this practice. 

When it comes to medical care, Eleusinia stands out. We have a US-trained and licensed nurse (RN/CCRN) available 24/7, along with an on-call MD for consultations.

Unlike some other retreats, where medical professionals may have limited involvement, we prioritize continuous and comprehensive support. Many retreats boast about having a medical pro onboard, but it’s often more of a cameo appearance during intake or psychedelic sessions. It’s like having a guest star who might not show up when you need them most.We get it—medical needs don’t stick to office hours. Whether it’s a headache or trouble sleeping after a session, our dedicated team is here to assist and ensure your comfort throughout your retreat.

While retreats in places like Oregon may offer access to a psilocybin service center with medical staff during sessions, post-session care can be lacking. The licensing and certification for psychedelic therapy in such areas often don’t focus on medical aspects, leaving gaps in addressing issues like insomnia or headaches post-session. No amount of talk therapy is going to help you at 2am with a post macrodose headache or insomnia. At Eleusinia, we believe in the importance of ongoing medical support after the session, considering it just as crucial, if not more so, than during the psychedelic experience itself.

At Eleusinia Retreat, we prioritize individualized care, offering a flexible dosing system to maximize the potential of each psychedelic journey. Our focus on response-based dosing, coupled with careful reassessment and support, ensures that every guest has an impactful and transformative experience.

Read more details about our dosing process in this article here.

While clinical trials have their place in science, they can be a bit…well, clinical. They’re often designed to answer specific scientific questions, which may not always align with what’s best for the individual participant. 

Clinical trials can be restrictive, excluding many potential participants, limiting dosing and substances, and confining the environment to sterile office settings—all in the name of precision and budget management. But here at Eleusinia, your progress and well-being are our top priorities, not university budgets or data purity.

So, while some retreats may boast about operating like clinical trials, we’re not quite convinced that’s the ultimate flex they think it is. We prefer a more personalized and holistic approach to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.

You can see the daily schedule here.

The closest airports are Mexico City (Mex) and Toluca (TLC). Mexico City is the best choice for flights arriving from outside of Mexico while Toluca may be the best choice for local flights.

If flying in on the start day of the retreat, please choose a flight that arrives before 11:00am and a flight leaving after 3:30pm on the last day for your return.

Yes. Our private transport that is included in the retreat cost picks up everyone from the Airport Courtyard Marriott located in Mexico City on the start date of the retreat. The Airport Courtyard Marriott is connected to the airport via a sky-bridge located in Terminal 1. If you happen to land in Terminal 2, a train to Terminal 1 is available. If pre-selected pick-up times are not feasible, we also offer private transportation at an additional cost.  

No, due to safety concerns, we do not offer access to ayahuasca ceremonies. You can read more about this here.

Psychedelic substances are often taken under less-than-ideal circumstances. Parties, music festivals, etc. Unfortunately, this can lead to an abundance of “scary” stories about bad trips, which can be a deterrent for those who are curious about exploring the potential benefits of these substances.

At Eleusinia, we create a different kind of environment for individuals seeking a psychedelic experience. Our tranquil and beautiful surroundings, along with the company of trained and experienced staff fosters a safe and supportive environment for exploration.

We understand that even with the best intentions, discomfort can arise during a psychedelic experience. That’s why we monitor our guests closely and have on-hand rescue medication should we deem it necessary in circumstances where we believe the discomfort is unduly hindering a person’s ability to benefit or even return to a psychedelic experience. 

Additionally, we offer virtual reality (VR) with meditation apps as a tool to help individuals redirect their experience into a more comfortable direction. 

Our approach to psychedelic exploration and use is focused on creating a safe and supportive environment that maximizes the potential benefits while minimizing the risks. We believe that with the right setting, guidance, and tools, a psychedelic experience can be remarkably useful for change. 

Ingesting psilocybin may cause nausea in some individuals who are particularly sensitive. This is because psilocybin affects the same serotonin receptors that control the body’s nausea response. However, there are ways to mitigate this effect, such as taking anti-nausea medication. At Eleusinia we employ various techniques, including medication to mitigate and/or circumvent the possibility of nausea. 

We categorize conflicts based on two criteria: (1) whether they present a safety concern and (2) whether they affect the quality of the psychedelic experience. You can read more about common interactions in this article. It is recommended that guests discuss their medication list with their healthcare provider for their personal safety and wellbeing. We are happy to point out specific interactions we are familiar with, but your healthcare provider should be the ultimate authority and source on these matters.

Psilocybin is generally known as an extremely safe substance. It is less toxic than alcohol by several orders of magnitude, though it does have rather dramatic effects on perception and consciousness. Oftentimes, the blocking effects of some medications can be counteracted with dosing adjustments, so please fill out your medication questionnaire as soon as possible after booking so we can discuss a plan for you.

However, mixing psilocybin with some medications can create a dangerous combination. Lithium is the single most notable medication that should not be mixed with psilocybin. If used in conjunction with lithium, psilocybin could cause serious complications such as seizures or even heart failure.

Another possible complication you may have heard about is a condition called serotonin syndrome. Psilocybin alone or even in conjunction with most antidepressants has next to a zero chance of causing serotonin syndrome.

However, when taken in combination with an MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor), a class of medication often used as an antidepressant, that risk is slightly elevated. We do not believe in taking even these slight risks and therefore request our guests to avoid any MAOIs. In fact, you might have read in one of our other articles that this retreat does not promote the use of ayahuasca, despite its common use in other retreats, because all ayahuasca brews contain a natural MAOI.

With respect to item # 2 above, the medications that could affect the quality of a psychedelic experience are a much larger category. SSRIs and SNRIs are all classes of medications that work on serotonin receptors. They are often prescribed as antidepressants or nerve pain medication. Many people report a muted psychedelic experience if they take psilocybin while taking these medications or within a short period of having tapered off of them. This muted/dulling effect is especially pronounced if they have taken SSRIs and/or SNRIs for an extended period of time.

Eleusinia Retreat is a retreat designed to teach visitors how to incorporate psilocybin into a long term wellness plan. We don’t advocate for placing too much pressure on yourself for a singular psilocybin experience. This is a process, and the goal of the retreat is to learn to use these tools in an effective manner. For some it can take up to two months for your response to psilocybin to mimic the general population after completely transitioning off some of these medications. As a result, it is important to adjust expectations and not dwell on what you believe the experience “should be like” or “is like for others”.

Part of your intake process will be discussing your current medication list with us. Use of any medication that works on the serotonin system during the retreat is discouraged, since it could potentially contribute to uncomfortable symptoms or affect the quality of the psychedelic experience (ie. dulling effect). Many sleep aids, nerve pain medications, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants work on the serotonin system, so be sure to be thorough when the subject comes up for discussion.

This class covers everything the hobbyist would need to know to produce a variety of medicinal or gourmet mushrooms. Using a simple, mess-free technique with all legal and easy-to-source materials, we give you the skills you would need to efficiently cultivate mushrooms.

In addition to the class, we also provide 6 months of free access to our support network where you can ask questions about cultivation and share your progress.

This class covers a basic technique to extract DMT using legal and easy-to-source materials. 

To put it bluntly, it’s because our guests count on us. A trip to Eleusinia is more than just a vacation, and continued treatment is vital for many of our guests visiting with serious conditions. We do not want to leave them hanging after they experience temporary improvement at the retreat, so we designed the program to give all the tools necessary to make the most of continued therapeutic use.

At Eleusinia, we proudly embrace a program tailored to celebrate the comfort and individuality of every participant, including those who value a more introverted experience. Our unique approach eliminates formal group discussions, ensuring that all integration sessions are conducted one on one. Engaging in group interactions is centered around natural mealtime conversations, fostering a relaxed atmosphere where no one ever feels pressured to speak in front of a group. During the psilocybin sessions, participants are allowed to explore the garden, interact with support staff, or settle into their own cozy garden nooks for a deeply personal exploration. Additionally, our DMT sessions are conducted one on one, making for a very private and personalized experience. Benefiting from our exclusively private room bookings, guests can effortlessly retreat to their rooms without concerns about disruptions from roommates. This affords them the opportunity to recharge their social batteries in a serene and inviting environment without any worries.

Though not ideal, we can make arrangements for visitors with non-participating caretakers. We just ask that nonparticipants leave the facility and self-isolate during the days there are psychedelic sessions to avoid interaction with participants while in that delicate state.

Mushroom consumption is legally tolerated in the areas where we hold the retreats strictly in a traditional religious ceremonial context.

At Eleusinia, all traditional medicines are presented by our traditional Oaxacan curandera in accordance with the requirements of Article 195 bis of the Federal Penal Code regarding the traditional religious application of psilocybin-containing fungi and DMT.

At Eleusinia retreat we have crafted a vegetarian menu with authentic flavors of Mexico. You can read more about our menu here.

At Eleusinia, we pride ourselves on creating an intimate and personalized experience for our guests. Our retreat villa boasts ten cozy and well-appointed bedrooms and is situated on 100 acres of lush forest.

Additionally, we limit our group sizes to a maximum of 14 people, allowing for focused attention and a more personalized experience. This small group size enables our guests to receive individualized support and guidance from our experienced team, who are dedicated to helping each guest achieve their wellness goals. By keeping our groups small, we can tailor our program to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual, ensuring a truly transformative and unforgettable experience for all.

The minimum age to visit Eleusinia through our standard booking process is 25 years old. Younger adult individuals may visit, but with enhanced screening and may also be asked to be accompanied by a relative. To start the screening process for an individual below 25, please email us at info@eleusiniaretreat.com.

The menu at Eleusinia is vegetarian, plant-based with eggs and dairy, so it is generally kosher compatible. If a meal time falls on Shabbat, we can arrange to serve food prepared ahead of time. Likewise, if a departure time falls on Shabbat, we can arrange for the observant guests to stay an extra night to avoid travel during those hours.

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