The Food

At Eleusinia Retreat, you are not just promised a rejuvenating retreat but a culinary journey that will delight your senses. The retreat takes pride in serving world-class Mexican cuisine  with a wholesome vegetarian twist. The menu is influenced by the seasonality and local sourcing of organic produce, reflecting the authentic flavors of Mexico.

Awaken each day to a breakfast bar featuring a variety of teas, fresh coffee, plant-based milks, and the sweet allure of “pan dulce”, a traditional Mexican morning bread. Fresh local fruits and nuts followed by two plated courses, served with freshly squeezed juices.

Throughout the day, a variety of authentic Mexican snacks are offered. From tamales stuffed with fresh Oaxaca cheese and squash blossoms to esquites, known as Mexican street corn, served with fresh guacamole and chips. As the sun sets, traditional drinks like ponche and champurrado keep you hydrated and satisfied, complementing the mountain harvests of apples, pears, guava, and hibiscus flowers.


Lunch at Eleusinia is a three-course affair, beginning with appetizers like avocado carpaccio with arugula and tomatoes or a watercress and arugula salad with pear. Main courses may include a nourishing quinoa-stuffed zucchini or vegan ceviche tostadas made with heart of palm, paired with aguas frescas, delightful fruit-infused drinks.

Dinner features dishes like creamy black bean soup or crispy tortilla soup topped with avocado, followed by nopal cactus rolls or chile rellenos. The dessert menu varies, featuring a tropical fruit mousse, chocolate lava cake, seasonal cheesecake, or a traditional Mexican favorite, flan.

Eleusinia Retreat is not just about providing a refreshing escape but also about nourishing you in every way possible. The retreat aims to reset your mind and body, offering a variety of vegetarian dishes that can be customized to your dietary needs. With the attention to detail, fresh ingredients, and a lot of love, you can expect to have a deeply satisfying culinary experience.

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