The Program

The Eleusinia Program

A comprehensive all-inclusive 5-day retreat meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring about meaningful change both during and beyond your stay.

Psilocybin Sessions

Two professionally guided psilocybin sessions included per retreat.

DMT Session

Up to two individualized vaporized DMT sessions during the retreat.

1-on-1 Integrations

We provide personalized & diverse integration sessions.

Mushroom Growing

We empower our visitors by offering a mushroom growing class.

Meditation Sessions

Specialized meditation and breath-work practices to aid induction into altered states of consciousness.

Neuroscience Education

We offer detailed presentations on the neuroscience of psychedelics.

Massage Therapy

We include a soothing hot stone massage to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ice Bath Session

Explore cold exposure to boost alertness, energy, and focus.

Authentic Cultural Experience

We're committed to preserving authentic indigenous ceremonial practices.

Continuing Support

Our commitment to your well-being continues post-retreat with six months of network access included.

Daily Schedule


Start your stay at Eleusinia with delicious Mexican snacks, a VR demonstration, medical intake, and an orientation presentation on the neuroscience of the psychedelic experience.

Macrodose (Psilocybin)

Experience a macrodose of psilocybin (5-15 grams) in a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. With the macrodose starting in the early morning, you spend the evening relaxing and contemplating.

Cultivation Class, DMT Sessions, and Integrations

Morning mushroom cultivation class, afternoon one-on-one DMT sessions, one-hour hot stone massage, and individual integration sessions.

Creative Integration, DMT Extraction Class, Cold Plunge,and Minidose (Psilocybin)

Additional one-on-one integration meetings, creative integration workshop, and opt in DMT extraction class with an additional DMT session. Afternoon cold plunge and minidose (1-3 grams). Evening Cacao closing ceremony.


Goodbye breakfast and airport transport back to Mexico City.

Eleusinia Modalities

We coach individual visitors to leverage their future psychedelic exploration to best fit their personal goals.

mental health

Mental Health

The most extensively documented and researched contemporary application of psilocybin is its use for mental health purposes. Universities worldwide are actively exploring this potential, providing a wealth of information for interested individuals. At Eleusinia, we are here to assist you in navigating the various promising methods and help you formulate a plan to integrate them into your future wellness regimen.

Consciousness Exploration

The practice of using psychedelics to explore consciousness has ancient roots that predate the dawn of civilization. For this purpose, we suggest engaging in infrequent, carefully curated experiences. During your stay at Eleusinia, you will have access to a wealth of information about the mechanisms of psychedelics and valuable insights into risk reduction practices.

expand consciousness
chronic pain

Chronic Pain

The realm of chronic pain management through psychedelics is a relatively novel and uncharted domain, yet it holds immense fascination for the medical community. The inception of Eleusinia is intertwined with a narrative of chronic pain, and we draw from this firsthand experience to steer you towards practices with the greatest potential for alleviating your pain. When harnessing psychedelics for this purpose, it’s often the consistency and repetition of the experience that prove to be crucial elements.

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