The Program

A comprehensive all-inclusive 5-day retreat meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring about meaningful change both during and beyond your stay.

Pre-Retreat Preparation

At Eleusinia, you start your journey with our 10-point preparation checklist. We’re strong advocates for the power of education in preparing for your psychedelic experience. Our preparation materials provide detailed insights into the neuroscience and mechanisms behind these substances. Aside from education, our process includes coaching you on neuroscience-based skills, techniques, and exercises to help you productively navigate your sessions.

Psilocybin sessions at Eleusinia take place amidst the expansive greenery of our outdoor gardens, providing ample privacy. These sessions typically span 4 to 6 hours. Our psilocybin sessions are meticulously crafted to offer a diverse and impactful experience with therapeutic benefits at the forefront. We pair each dosing level with specific meditative and neuroscience-based techniques. By incorporating both minidose and macrodose sessions, we aim to provide both a comprehensive range of experiences and the honing of navigation skills. This approach is particularly favored by individuals looking to integrate a dosing practice into their ongoing journey beyond the retreat as it includes developing techniques and autonomy.

At Eleusinia, our DMT sessions are conducted individually accompanied by two facilitators. Lasting approximately 10-15 minutes, each session is curated to promote a full immersion experience free of distractions. DMT, renowned for its therapeutic properties similar to psilocybin, is often described by our guests as the pinnacle of their retreat experience. Despite its brevity, the intense nature of a DMT session renders it a valuable tool for ongoing progress, particularly beneficial for individuals with busy, demanding schedules aiming to continue their journey beyond the retreat.

At Eleusinia, we embrace a holistic approach to integration, focusing on three key dimensions: psychological, spiritual, and somatic. Following the macrodose experience, our practitioners engage in one-on-one sessions with each visitor to facilitate reflection and help them derive personal meaning from their psychedelic journey. These sessions can be audio recorded for later sharing with the visitor’s therapist back home.

For those seeking a spiritual perspective, visitors have the option to also meet individually with our curandera, drawing on traditional spiritual mushroom practices rooted in the history of Mexico. Additionally, we include group meditation coaching sessions that emphasize a somatic and meditative approach to integration.

Guests are encouraged to explore each approach and integrate those aspects that resonate most with them into their post-retreat practices.

Eleusinia visitors, often intending to maintain a therapeutic personal practice post-retreat, find our in-depth mushroom cultivation course particularly appealing. This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge necessary to grow your own mushrooms using readily available and legal supplies.

Learn the technique to extract DMT from legal, easy to source plant materials in this optional add-on class ($275). This course is particularly valuable to visitors looking to benefit long term from the neuroprotective effects of DMT. 

6-months free membership to our online private community of past retreat guests with whom you can share your stories, experiences and progress post retreat. The network provides you the ability to not only keep in touch with the other guests you met at the retreat, but also an ability to even get to know those who came before you and be part of the growing Eleusinia family.  

Group discussions on post retreat wellness practices and approaches, including dosing protocols, stories of success, setbacks, and improvement. Supportive environment of sharing, listening, learning and applying your knowledge in furtherance of your progress and goals. 

Daily Schedule


Start your stay at Eleusinia with delicious Mexican snacks, a VR demonstration, medical intake, and an orientation presentation on the neuroscience of the psychedelic experience.

Macrodose (Psilocybin)

Experience a macrodose of psilocybin (5-15 grams) in a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. With the macrodose starting in the early morning, you spend the evening relaxing and contemplating.

Cultivation Class, DMT Sessions, and Integrations

Morning mushroom cultivation class, afternoon one-on-one DMT sessions, one-hour hot stone massage, and individual integration sessions.

Creative Integration, DMT Extraction Class, Cold Plunge,and Minidose (Psilocybin)

Additional one-on-one integration meetings, creative integration workshop, and opt in DMT extraction class with an additional DMT session. Afternoon cold plunge and minidose (1-3 grams). Evening Cacao closing ceremony.


Goodbye breakfast and airport transport back to Mexico City.

Eleusinia Modalities

We coach individual visitors to leverage their future psychedelic exploration to best fit their personal goals.

mental health

Mental Health

The most extensively documented and researched contemporary application of psilocybin is its use for mental health purposes. Universities worldwide are actively exploring this potential, providing a wealth of information for interested individuals. At Eleusinia, we are here to assist you in navigating the various promising methods and help you formulate a plan to integrate them into your future wellness regimen.

Consciousness Exploration

The practice of using psychedelics to explore consciousness has ancient roots that predate the dawn of civilization. For this purpose, we suggest engaging in infrequent, carefully curated experiences. During your stay at Eleusinia, you will have access to a wealth of information about the mechanisms of psychedelics and valuable insights into risk reduction practices.

expand consciousness
chronic pain

Chronic Pain

The realm of chronic pain management through psychedelics is a relatively novel and uncharted domain, yet it holds immense fascination for the medical community. The inception of Eleusinia is intertwined with a narrative of chronic pain, and we draw from this firsthand experience to steer you towards practices with the greatest potential for alleviating your pain. When harnessing psychedelics for this purpose, it’s often the consistency and repetition of the experience that prove to be crucial elements.

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