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Jessica Khurana



Jay K.

Chief Financial Officer

Tawnya G. RN CCRN

Medical Coordinator

Tyler Strause Psychedelic Support Specialist

Tyler S.

Psychedelic Support Specialist

Emilio Meditation and Breathwork

Emilio C.

Meditation Coach

Dr. Rogelio Quiroz MD

Medical Doctor On Call

Josefina Curandera

Josefina M.


Dr. Ashvind S. Ph.D.

Advisory Team Member

Madai Operations Manager

Madai G.

Operations Manager

Susy House Manager

Susy P.

House Manager

Eleusinia Origin Story

Eleusinia Retreat was born out of my personal journey of finding successful relief from my debilitating headache condition, Hemicrania Continua, through psilocybin treatment. Inspired by this transformative experience, I embarked on a search for a psilocybin retreat, only to discover a lack of inclusive spaces within the psychedelic retreat community that embraced rationalism.

Initially, I felt that my skepticism and inquisitive nature were unwelcome amidst the spiritually and mystically inclined atmosphere prevalent in the psychedelic community. Determined to bridge this gap, I founded Eleusinia Retreat as a manifestation of my vision—a place where an authentic cultural psychedelic retreat converges with the latest advancements in neuroscience and psychopharmacology. It embodies the best aspects of all approaches.

My goal has been to establish a retreat that strikes a harmonious balance between clinical environments and the profound spiritual aspects that can enhance these transformative experiences. Maintaining a program firmly rooted in medical science, while preserving the integrity and reverence for the original mushroom culture, became paramount. New Age influences and misinformation were consciously avoided, ensuring that Eleusinia Retreat remains a bastion of authenticity and respect.

At Eleusinia Retreat, we celebrate the fusion of science and spirituality, cultivating an environment where both are honored. It is a place where individuals can embark on their personal journeys with the utmost confidence, knowing that they are immersed in a program guided by medical expertise, cultural reverence, and unwavering respect.

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A program great for anyone looking to use psilocybin for meaningful, impactful long term results.

Jessica Khurana

Jessica K. is the visionary founder of Eleusinia Retreat, a transformative sanctuary devoted to unlocking the therapeutic potential of psilocybin. Her personal journey as a psilocybin patient ignited a powerful inspiration within her, leading to the creation of a truly exceptional retreat experience. Drawing from her solid background in the business world, Jessica infuses a grounded approach into the team, fostering an unwavering commitment to the well-being of Eleusinia Retreat’s patients.

Recognizing the profound significance of diversity and multidisciplinary collaboration, Jessica meticulously handpicked each team member, ensuring a broad spectrum of interests and professional backgrounds.

Jessica’s personal experience plays a pivotal role in shaping the Eleusinia project. Her intimate understanding of the potential of psilocybin therapy enables her to meticulously align all practices and goals with the best interests of the patients.

Jay K.

Jay is an accomplished attorney with a passion for making a meaningful impact in people’s lives. As the husband of Jessica, he made a courageous decision to step away from his legal practice and embark on a new venture, co-creating Eleusinia Retreat. Coming from a South Asian background and having a conservative upbringing, Jay’s career path has taken an unexpected turn that has brought him profound satisfaction and a deep sense of purpose.

While he never anticipated this career shift, Jay wholeheartedly embraces his work at Eleusinia. He finds immense joy and fulfillment in contributing to the well-being of others and witnessing transformative experiences. With his expertise and commitment, Jay plays an integral role in the success of Eleusinia Retreat, where he brings his professional background and open-mindedness to create a supportive and enriching environment for all.

Tawnya G. RN CCRN

Tawnya Gilbert, a US-trained and licensed RN/CCRN, is also an Integration Specialist and the host of the Eleusinia Podcast. With 16 years of experience in intensive and postoperative care nursing, she transitioned from traditional nursing to explore more comprehensive, holistic, and client-centered approaches.

In 2021, Tawnya began her studies as a Psychedelic Integration Guide with Fluence. She is dedicated to empowering guests at Eleusinia Retreat, providing personalized support and guidance for integrating their unique experiences.

Tawnya employs creative modalities to deepen personal understanding, particularly in non-ordinary states, and is passionate about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of medically supervised psilocybin integrative care.

Tyler S.

Tyler Strause is a dedicated Psychedelic Support Specialist. With a background in philosophy and neuroscience, Tyler has been working with psychedelics as part of his personal mental health, wellness, and development practice for over 20 years. He has extensive experience with psilocybin and other plant medicines.

Tyler was inspired to pursue a career in the field of psychedelic therapy and support after personally experiencing the profound benefits of psychedelics on his own mental health and overall well-being. This journey led him to explore various traditional and modern therapeutic practices, which further solidified his belief in the power of psychedelics as practical tools for personal growth and healing. He is passionate about helping others navigate their own transformative experiences in a safe and supportive environment, ultimately empowering them to live more fulfilling lives.

Emilio C.

Emilio Castelló is a breathwork, mind-body coach and emotional intelligence specialist. He guides participants through subtle and profound sessions which enables them to enter into a more relaxed and open state while balancing their nervous system before the psychedelic experiences at Eleusinia Retreat.  

Emilio Studied Physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Certified as socioemotional instructor at Atentamente Consultores. He has studied and practiced mind training techniques informed by Buddhism, psychology and neuroscience with teachers in Mexico, India, Nepal, and Thailand since 2004. He has been an instructor of Yoga and conscious breathing techniques for more than 19 years. 

Emilio has an ongoing interest in the intersections of consciousness, science, mind-body practices and psychedelics. He strongly believes that by creating an integral container in our lives, enriched by these practices we can develop physical and mental health, an overall deep sense of wellbeing, as well as true meaning and vision through our lives.

Dr. Rogelio Quiroz MD

Dr. Rogelio Quiroz, M.D., is a licensed family medicine practitioner who brings a unique perspective to the medical field by combining traditional medical practices with a keen interest in the application of psychedelic therapy for the well-being and health of his patients. As an integral member of the Eleusinia team, Dr. Quiroz plays a crucial role in providing dedicated medical support and guidance to ensure a comfortable and safe retreat experience for visitors. His commitment to the holistic approach to healthcare is reflected in his role as the on-call MD for the retreat, where he offers a range of medical services and guidance, aiming to provide visitors with peace of mind throughout their Eleusinia Retreat journey.

A graduate of Anáhuac University Medical School in Mexico City, Dr. Quiroz brings a wealth of medical knowledge and expertise to his medical practice. Beyond his contributions to Eleusinia, he serves as the medical director of the Con Salud clinic located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. In this role, Dr. Quiroz continues to positively impact the health and well-being of the local community, showcasing his dedication to the field of medicine and his commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to those he serves.

Josefina M.

Josefina Maza, a gifted curandera, carries a rich ancestral heritage hailing from Oaxaca, Mexico. Growing up in Cozumel, QRoo, she is the descendant of Mixtecos/Zapotecos and Mayan indígenas, renowned for their traditional healing practices, herbal wisdom, and sobadores.

Following a challenging period marked by the loss of her mother, Josefina temporarily distanced herself from her lineage and immersed herself in the corporate world. For over two years, she has devoted herself to the path of healing, serving as a spiritual guide at Eleusinia.

Josefina compassionately supports individuals in their journeys, providing solace and relief from physical chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and addictions through the ancient wisdom of ancestral medicine.

Dr. Ashvind N. Adkins Singh, Ph.D.

Dr. Ashvind N. Adkins Singh, Ph.D., earned his doctorate from Louisiana State University in 2008, specializing in clinical psychology with minors in neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. As a vital member of the Eleusinia advisory team, Dr. Singh offers valuable insights and guidance, contributing to the overall well-being of retreat participants. Beyond his role in advisory services, he is available to provide additional support through post-retreat integration services, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to mental health.

Dr. Singh’s extensive career spans diverse settings, including nursing homes, developmental centers, psychiatric hospitals, and community mental health centers. In addition to his clinical expertise, he serves as an executive coach and consultant for a wide array of organizations globally, including hospitals, foster care systems, government agencies at various levels, and private entities. With an impressive portfolio of over 70 publications, Dr. Singh has presented and trained clients worldwide, showcasing his passion for the transformative power of education and healing. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience and education in clinical psychology, psychopharmacology, mindfulness, neuropsychology, health and well-being, lifestyle change, and leadership coaching, Dr. Singh offers a truly individualized and informed approach to his diverse range of professional endeavors.

Madai G.

Madai, the operations manager at Eleusinia Retreat, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of all operations. With her trusty clipboard in hand, she diligently keeps things on schedule and ensures that every aspect of Eleusinia runs seamlessly.

Madai’s personal journey with cancer led her to the transformative realm of psychedelic healing. Inspired by her own experience, she wholeheartedly believes in the profound potential of this work to positively impact the lives of many. 

With her attention to detail and organizational prowess, Madai contributes to the overall success of Eleusinia Retreat, ensuring that each guest receives the utmost care and attention during their stay. Her dedication to creating a nurturing and efficient environment reflects her genuine commitment to enhancing the lives of others through psychedelic therapy.

Susy P.

Susy, the skilled house manager at Eleusinia Retreat, is responsible for coordinating operations, housekeeping, and the Eleusinia kitchen. With her exceptional organizational abilities, she ensures seamless coordination among these essential aspects of the retreat’s functioning. From overseeing housekeeping duties to managing logistical operations, Susy’s meticulous attention to detail guarantees a well-organized and pristine environment for guests.

Her expertise and dedication contribute to a smooth and comfortable stay at Eleusinia Retreat. Susy’s multitasking capabilities enable efficient operations, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in their transformative experiences. With her invaluable contribution, she plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and harmonious environment that enhances the overall guest experience at Eleusinia Retreat.