Learn comfortable and safe techniques at our psilocybin retreat to calmly meditate through a psychedelic experience. We provide further support and coaching to ensure there is no interruption in therapy after returning home.

Psilocybin for Physical and Mental Wellness

Psychedelic Pain Management

Psychedelics, alone or as part of multi-pronged treatment, can produce significant, meaningful and lasting reductions of chronic pain conditions such as cluster headache, complex regional pain disorder, phantom-limb pain, tinnitus, migraine and others. As a non-addictive alternative to opioids, psychedelics represent a revolutionary and much-needed new approach to the treatment of pain.

What Is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychoactive mushrooms, has provided the spiritual and cultural bedrock of many great civilisations. The Aztecs referred to teonanácatl, which translates as ‘divine mushroom’, and modern neuroscience has revealed how psilocybin interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain in order to produce a range of consciousness-altering effects.

How Does It Work?

The development of chronic pain is a complex mechanism that is still not fully understood. Multiple pain signals over time cause a strengthening of certain neural circuitry, resulting in the physical and emotional perceptual chronic pain experience. The mind-altering qualities of psychedelics have been attributed to ‘reset’ areas of functional connectivity in the brain that play prominent roles in many central neuropathic states. These suggested benefits are mostly from observation and await clinical trials, many of which are ongoing at several institutions, including the Yale School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, and at the University of California-San Diego.

Psilocybin Retreat For Meditation

There is a significant connection between the neurophysiology of deep meditative states and the psychedelic experience. Both have similar physical effects on the brain and both can be used to impact how your body and mind perceive pain. However, improving your skills at meditation especially in an effort to gain some benefit requires extensive patience, practice and time. More importantly, even with unwavering dedication not everyone can achieve the heightened meditative state a monk might take a lifetime to achieve. Moreover, when most people find themselves in need of these skills and expertise they are already burdened with so much pain and stress that it puts meaningful success out of reach. Psilocybin can serve as a catalyst for some to achieve the benefits of expert level meditation in a more efficient and pragmatic manner.

Using psilocybin mushrooms for spiritual or mental health benefits is not a new concept, but the dosing and techniques are distinctly different for managing physical wellness.

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A note from the founder

The Eleusinia project is the result of my own struggles with intractable chronic pain and the limitations of the medical system. When pain enters our lives, either through trauma or unexplained means, it steals everything. Everything seems to come to a grinding stop, but the truth is that nothing actually stops. The world goes on for everyone else, just not for you.

Was I failed by “modern medicine”? Yes. But I also believe that the medical professionals that tried to help me were failed by the same system. I believe they wanted to help, but lacked legal access to these therapies. My life and career were set be nothing more than collateral damage to this condition, so I ended up looking for alternative options. I was lucky enough to come in contact with the right one. One day, hopefully soon, psilocybin and similar substances will be available and acceptable everywhere, but I was not willing to wait for that day, especially if it never came to pass. If I were to wait, I am not sure if there would be anything left of me worth saving. I had to handle my condition and its treatment on my own. I had to take a chance on the unknown, and it has made all the difference.

Retreats like this are available in various places around the world, but all seem to be focused on mental health or some form of spirituality. I wanted to create one focused entirely on pain management, and which offers the same training and skills that worked for me.

Regular access to psilocybin gave me my life back, and I firmly believe that anyone should have the option and opportunity to experience and decide if psilocybin is also right for them.

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