Andrés Gómez Emilsson Visits Eleusinia

At the core of Eleusinia Retreat’s mission lies a commitment to reduce suffering by blending ancient wisdom and the forefront of scientific research on psychedelics, a journey brought to light through our conversation with Andrés Gómez Emilsson from the Qualia Research Institute. In this podcast episode we invite you into the depths of human consciousness, offering transformative insights into the nature of qualia, valence structuralism, and the process of neural annealing for transformational personal change 

Qualia and Consciousness

Our dialogue with Emilsson opens a gateway into the realm of qualia, where the mathematical beauty and the richness of sensory experiences deepen our understanding of consciousness. This exploration underscores the impact of Emilsson’s work on our retreat’s guiding principles and brings color and clarity to a concept that is central to our practice at Eleusinia.

Perception and Its Nature  

Next, Emilsson sheds light on the subjective construction of perception, illustrating how experiences such as color are brain-made phenomena, thus celebrating the individuality of our subjective realities. This discussion on the nature of perception and qualia emphasizes the complexity and beauty of our personal experiences.

Exploring Valence

The conversation then navigates the concept of valence, which measures the intrinsic attractiveness or averseness of experiences. This deep dive into the spectrum of human emotions challenges binary perceptions and introduces a nuanced understanding of our emotional landscapes.

Transformation Through Neural Annealing

Neural annealing, as introduced by Emilsson, draws a parallel between the effects of psychedelics like psilocybin and DMT on the brain and metallurgical stress relief processes. This metaphor serves as a foundation for understanding the transformative potential of psychedelics in personal growth and healing. 

The Binding Problem in Consciousness 

The ‘binding problem’ of consciousness is addressed, questioning the integration of diverse sensory inputs into a unified experience. Emilsson offers an innovative field view of consciousness, moving beyond traditional atomistic perspectives, and introducing the idea of topological pockets holding the key to understanding consciousness.

Valence Structuralism

In later segments, the discussion on ‘valence structuralism’ proposes that the structural properties of experiences determine their valence, opening avenues for objective measurements of consciousness and suggesting new approaches for alleviating suffering by neutralizing the causes of suffering in the same way that noise canceling headphones quiet sounds by producing their inverse wave. 

A Journey of Discovery  

Eleusinia Retreat stands as a sanctuary for those fascinated by the mysteries of consciousness, providing experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our retreats, influenced by Emilsson’s insights, offer a serene environment for personal development and enlightenment.

An Invitation to Transformation 

We warmly invite you to Eleusinia Retreat, where the journey of consciousness transcends theoretical exploration, becoming a personal voyage of discovery and growth.

Visit the Qualia Research Institute page to learn more about their work.

Visit Andres’s blog site to hear more from him.

4 Responses

  1. Nice! I would have loved to have been a part of this conversation. I couldn’t help but notice the parallels with 2500-year-old Buddhist psychology using modern terms in place of Pali…
    Vedanā to Valence
    Upekkha to Equanimity
    and the Boundry Problem is resolved by Annata

  2. Fascinating discussion! Since listening to this chat you had with him, I started following Andrés and his work at QRI.

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