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What is the menu like at Eleusinia?

Mexican cuisine is on the UNESCO’s list of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and is recognized as a world-class cuisine, thanks to the impressive variety ingredients and intriguing flavor profiles.

At Eleusinia Retreat, we take pride in sharing the authentic flavors of Mexico but with a well-balanced, vegetarian twist. Being based in Valle de Bravo, we are also fortunate enough to have access to organic produce year round, which lets us locally source our menu with flavors that are fresh and seasonal, and oftentimes exotic for some of our guests. 

All meals are three-course, served in a community setting where you have the opportunity to get to know your fellow retreat guests and share about memorable and enriching experiences you have during your time with us. 

Keep reading to get a taste (no pun intended) of what you can expect to eat during your stay with us at Eleusinia Retreat.

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Breakfast at Eleusinia

Every morning you will wake up to a coffee and tea bar fully stocked with a variety of teas, fresh coffee and steamed milk. Plant-based milks are also provided. Enjoy a variety basket of “pan dulce,” the traditional morning sweet breads of Mexico. 

The breakfast bar also includes fresh local fruits, cranberries, amaranth seeds, granola and yogurt. Two plated courses follow, and may include a fresh omelette, oatcakes or quesadillas, served on the veranda alongside freshly squeezed juices.

psilocybin retreat menu

Snacks at Eleusinia

There is a variety of plentiful snacks that are available between meals at Eleusinia. Everyday you will be offered a different authentic Mexican snack. Be on the lookout for tamales stuffed with squash blossom and beans or poblano peppers and fresh Oaxaca cheese.

Esquites, also known as Mexican street corn is another favorite snack. We serve it alongside a variety of toppings and sides, including fresh guacamole and chips.

You should also expect to taste a variety of exotic local and seasonal fruits. Top your fruit with Tajin and a squeeze of lime for a delicious taste of Mexico.

The temperature normally drops in Valle de Bravo once the sun dips behind the mountains. To stay cozy in the chilly afternoons, we serve traditional hot drinks like ponche and champurrado to sip around a warm fire. Champurrado is a traditional form of hot chocolate that is extra creamy and delicious thanks to added corn masa. It warms you right to your core. 

Ponche is another hot beverage similar to hot apple cider, but made from local mountain harvests of apples, pears, guava and hibiscus flowers.

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Lunch at Eleusinia

The three course lunches begin with a light appetizer such as our avocado carpaccio with flavorful arugula and sweet and zesty tomatoes, or the watercress and arugula salad with pear, balsamic vinaigrette and bursts of goat cheese.

For the lunch’s main course, you might expect to taste a nourishing quinoa-stuffed zucchini or our vegan ceviche tostadas made with heart of palm.

We believe in having your cake and eating it too, so our lunches always finish off with desserts. Some traditional favorites are our homemade matcha cake and the sweet and zingy passion fruit panna cotta.

No meal in Mexico would be fully complete without aguas frescas, delicious fruit infused drinks, and of course, homemade salsa to add that extra spice.

Dinners at Eleusinia

After a meaningful day of learning about mushroom cultivation, building the best container for your practice, spending time by the pool, or having your DMT session, there is nothing like sitting down to sharing your experiences over a meal that starts out with our signature cream-of-black bean soup or our crispy and avocado-topped tortilla soup. 

Your second course will often include some of Mexico’s mighty ingredients, like nopal cactus rolls or chile rellenos. Your dessert might include a creamy tropical fruit mousse, cheesecake made with seasonal flavors or a traditional Mexican favorite, flan.

Some Key Takeaways

When you come to Eleusinia Retreat, you can expect to nourish yourself in more ways than one. After this experience, we find many of our guests feel they’re able to give their mind and body a reset and a deep level of rest they have been craving, sometimes for years. You will get the opportunity to take in crisp and clean mountain air while practicing breathwork in our shala or while out on our mindfulness hike. For introverts and extroverts alike, mealtime conversations and social interactions that go beyond the surface and into our rich experiences of being human feed our need for community.

And when it comes to nourishment, we cannot overlook the difference it can make to receive five days worth of meals made for you with fresh ingredients, care, attention to detail, plenty of salsa, and of course, love. 

Although we love giving our guests the chance to experience a full vegetarian menu, we prioritize your well-being and centering your needs. Our skilled kitchen staff is well-versed in accommodating a variety of dietary restrictions and needs. If you have any concerns about getting your dietary needs met for the time you’ll be staying with us, please make an appointment to discuss the meal plan that is right for you. 

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