Home Mushroom Cultivation

Home mushroom cultivation is the safest and easiest way to ensure that you have an adequate supply to consistently manage your condition. Lapses in dosing results in relapses in symptoms for me, and having my own source relieves that anxiety. Psychedelic mushrooms are being decriminalized in new areas each year. For a chronic pain patient, the most cost effective and trustworthy way to keep up with a dosing schedule is to grow your own flushes of mushrooms at home. The supplies, even the spores, are legal to purchase in all but three states.

The process is not difficult, and it does not require specialized tools. If you can follow the instructions to bake a bread, you can learn to grow mushrooms. Don’t worry if you have a brown thumb, they aren’t even real plants. They are closer to animals than plants, so you may find them easier to work with if you have had poor luck with the green stuff in the past. Personally, I could kill even an aloe vera plant in record time.

home mushroom cultivation

It does not take up much space, the chamber they grow in is about the size of a small fish tank. They do not need light for the majority of their life cycle, only during the last few weeks, while the mushrooms are emerging will they need some light so they can orient themselves. The whole process takes approximately 2 months, with about maybe 3-4 actual hours of hands on labor involved while the rest just consisting of waiting time.

You may have heard about indoor mushroom farming being harmful to homes. This applies mostly to gourmet mushroom farming that requires a large volume of material and big humidity chambers, etc. Humidity is rough on drywall and woodwork. In this small scale application, where one little container produces enough to supply someone for 6 months to a year at a time, with the humidity is contained in the chamber, it is not something to be concerned about.

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