Meditating on Mushrooms With VR

Meditating on mushrooms with VR is an excellent way to manage a psychedelic experience. It allows us to control and change your environment as needed and to keep you comfortable and happy. VR is even currently used in ketamine therapy.

A bad trip is simply becoming fixated on an unpleasant sensation or emotion without the wherewithal to break that fixation. VR helps break you free in any given moment.

Why VR?

The VR headset can provide a constantly varied environment, full of music and colors, to keep your attention mobile. Sure, it is a great “rescue tool” for unpleasant moments, but it is also a catalyst for some of the most pleasant sensations enjoyed during a trip.

VR with psilocybin

What Is Playing In The Headsets?

It is all HD 360 videos, some kaleidoscope-like and colorful, some flyovers going over beautiful landscapes and clouds, and some art pieces. It is all combined with a carefully selected soundtrack to stimulate synesthesia. I try to choose a video playlist based on how comfortable I think the individual will be with the imagery. We have playlists ranging from relaxing to moderately intense.

Do They Keep The VR On All The Time?

Personal preference varies here. Our mushroom experience is not just about tripping. It is about learning to manage your attention and therefore manage the experience. We encourage participants to put on and take off the headset at various points in the session so they can see just how thoroughly changing the subject of your attention changes the experience. Maybe they won’t be using something as immersive as an VR back home, but we want them to observe this phenomenon first hand so they can formulate their own cues.

What’s It Like?

In short, it’s quite amazing. With psychedelics, nothing is ever really just “meh”. The experience is either super unpleasant, or it is just spectacular. It may vacillate between the two, at any given moment you usually find yourself at one end of the spectrum. At the retreat, we focus on cultivating the spectacular.

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