Why We Maintain Medical Staff Onsite 24hrs

Choosing a psychedelic retreat isn’t just about the picturesque setting or promises of transformative experiences; it’s about ensuring your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. At Eleusinia, we recognize the importance of having a medical professional on-site, and we take it a step further by integrating them fully into our program.

Not All Medical Presence is Created Equal

Many retreats boast of having medical professionals on board, but the extent of their training and involvement can vary significantly. Some retreats opt for a temporary fix, bringing in various EMTs or doctors as part-time contractors solely during psychedelic sessions. However, these individuals might lack specialized training in the psychopharmacology of psychedelics.

Contrastingly, Eleusinia takes pride in having a US-trained and licensed nurse on-site 24/7 with training specifically focused on psychedelics. Our medical professional isn’t just a temporary presence; she is an integral part of our team, ensuring your well-being throughout your entire retreat. The fact that she is US-trained and licensed means that she is more likely to be familiar with the medication names and brands commonly used there. 

Beyond Pop-Up Retreats: A Permanent Presence Matters

It might come as a surprise to learn that many retreats adopt a temporary pop-up model, hosting their events in various short-term rentals, such as those available on platforms like Airbnb. It’s a common practice in this industry to operate without a stable core team, relying instead on a rotating cast of contractors who offer diverse services ranging from serene sound baths to invigorating yoga sessions. Consequently, it’s not unusual to find even essential roles, such as that of a medical professional, filled on a temporary basis. This highlights the transient nature of some retreats and underscores the significance of evaluating the consistency and reliability of the experiences offered. 

Eleusinia is different because we have a permanent location and staff. Our team stays on-site throughout the entire 5-day retreat, and each is properly trained on their role. Unlike some places, you won’t encounter a revolving door of different staff members here. We believe in consistency for our guests’ experience and well-being.

Why 24/7 Medical Presence Matters

You might wonder if having a medical professional around the clock is essential. We firmly believe it is, and our experiences affirm its significance. While complications directly related to DMT or psilocybin are rare, unexpected challenges can arise. From sleep difficulties and surprise UTIs to medication issues left at home, our nurse has assisted guests with a spectrum of concerns.

Imagine experiencing a psychedelic journey while sleep-deprived, in pain, or stressed about forgotten medications. Our integrated medical team is there to resolve such issues promptly, ensuring a seamless and comfortable retreat experience.

Specialized Training for Psychedelic Safety

Our medical team isn’t just knowledgeable about general medical practices; they are specifically trained in psychedelics and their interactions with medications. Information covered in our workshops may surprise even MD visitors, emphasizing the unique expertise required in a psychedelic setting.

For instance, common anti-nausea medications can induce unpleasant trips due to their mechanisms. An untrained doctor might inadvertently administer these medications, leading to a nightmarish experience for the patient. At Eleusinia, our trained medical professional ensures your safety and guides you through a secure and positive journey.

Integrated Support for Your Journey

Our medical professional isn’t confined to session hours; they play a role in every aspect of your retreat. From welcoming you and gathering your medical history to answering questions during dinners, their continuous engagement ensures a holistic and supportive experience.

Continuous monitoring is essential, especially post-session, as disturbances in sleep patterns can trigger harmful reactions. With Eleusinia’s integrated medical team, you’re not just choosing a retreat; you’re selecting a comprehensive, safe, and enriching journey into the world of psychedelics. Your well-being is our priority, and our dedicated medical team is here to guide you every step of the way. Welcome to a transformative experience at Eleusinia!

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