Psilocybin & DMT Retreat

Science-Based Psilocybin Retreat Program With Guided Psychedelic Sessions, Mushroom Cultivation Course, and DMT Extraction Class.

Next Available Date:
January 17-21, 2024

A Unique Program Conceived And Developed By A Patient

Guided Sessions, Mushroom Cultivation, and Neuroscience Education

At Eleusinia, we believe that benefiting from psilocybin starts with a deep understanding of the underlying physiological mechanisms behind a psychedelic experience. We have designed a program to help you understand every aspect of your medicine: How it works, how it’s grown, and how to best use it for your individual needs. We cut through the mystery and gatekeeping so common in psychedelic culture and instead focus on providing you with the experience, skills, and confidence you need to successfully incorporate psilocybin into your wellness plan.

What Exactly Is A Science-Based Psilocybin Retreat?

Eleusinia is a retreat that masterfully integrates modern research with a profound understanding of the effects of psychedelics on the brain. Here, you’ll encounter a unique blend of scientific rigor and consciousness exploration to unlock your full potential.

Psilocybin and DMT increase connectivity, communication, and synchrony between different brain regions. These remarkable substances serve as potent tools for elevating consciousness, deepening spirituality, and potentially shielding the brain and arteries from age-related illness such as dementia and atherosclerosis. Moreover, they offer an effective solution for individuals grappling with chronic pain or mental health challenges by harnessing anti-inflammatory properties and promoting neuroplasticity.

In our retreats, we skillfully harmonize the worlds of science and spirituality, ensuring you benefit from the best of both realms.

Who visits Eleusinia?

Consciousness Exploration

Approximately 30% of Eleusinia visitors are looking to expand their consciousness, exploring the enrichment potential of psychedelics beyond medicinal benefits.

Mental Health

Approximately 40% of Eleusinia visitors seek to improve mental health, inspired by promising psychedelic clinical trials for depression, OCD, and addiction.

Pain Management

Approximately 30% of Eleusinia visitors utilize our expertise in chronic pain management, harnessing the untapped potential of psychedelics for physical relief.

Eleusinia resonates with diverse individuals seeking science-backed, transformative psilocybin experiences. Whether you're a skeptical seeker, experienced psychonaut, or a beginner, our tailored, trusted, and comprehensive approach empowers meaningful psychedelic journeys

The Eleusinia Program

A comprehensive all-inclusive 5-day retreat meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring about meaningful change both during and beyond your stay.

Psilocybin Sessions

Two professionally guided psilocybin sessions included per retreat.

DMT Session

One professionally guided vaporized DMT session is included per retreat.

1-on-1 Integrations

We provide personalized & diverse integration sessions.

Mushroom Growing

We empower our visitors by offering a mushroom growing class.

Meditation Sessions

Specialized meditation and breath-work practices to aid induction into altered states of consciousness.

Neuroscience Education

We offer detailed presentations on the neuroscience of psychedelics.

Massage Therapy

We include a soothing hot stone massage to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ice Bath Session

Explore cold exposure to boost alertness, energy, and focus.

Authentic Cultural Experience

We're committed to preserving authentic indigenous ceremonial practices.

Continuing Support

Our commitment to your well-being continues post-retreat with six months of network access included.

Rigorous, Comprehensive Dosing

Our dosing program is comprehensive enough to apply to all types of visitors, including those addressing mental health and physical pain. Our program prepares visitors for the frequent doses required for addressing pain but can also be scaled back to help manage mental health or for those only seeking an exploratory experience. We aim to guide visitors to navigate the psychedelic space with ease and confidence in a safe environment that prioritizes medical science.

We value your privacy

We value your privacy at Eleusinia Retreat. To respect the confidentiality of our visitors, we have a strict no-photography policy and do not share identifiable photos on social media. Additionally, we wait until our guests have had time to readjust before recording podcast episodes, as we understand the sensitive mental state that can accompany psychedelic experiences.

Psilocybin and other classic psychedelics offer powerful anti-inflammatory properties and support neuroplasticity, aiding in the growth of neural connections. Our mushroom retreat provides psychedelic-assisted meditation to harness these features, along with a mushroom cultivation course to continue benefiting from these properties.

Retreat Podcast

Would you like to hear from real retreat visitors? Our podcast offers an intimate and heartfelt glimpse into the lives of real retreat visitors. Through guest interviews, you can listen to first-hand accounts of guest experiences at Eleusinia.

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The Eleusinia Story

Jessica established Eleusinia after finding successful relief from Hemicrania Continua, a debilitating headache condition, through psilocybin treatment. Eleusinia represents her vision of blending an authentic cultural psychedelic retreat with the latest in neuroscience to create a personalized, balanced retreat.

Retreat Reviews

jaime carcamo
jaime carcamo
Eleusinia is by far one of the best retreats I've experienced. The location, the food, and the incredible and genuine attention you get from the team is healing in itself. I'm already planning my return for a second retreat at Eleusinia.
Awesome experience. I Trust their team 100%, they are very professional, caring and knowledgeable. Would not change a thing. Don’t take a chance with other places, this is it. I’m very glad I took the time to research and talk to Jessica.
Jerri Swenson
Jerri Swenson
Wonderful setting and food, but the staff were absolutely great, very loving and supportive. Don’t EVEN consider going anywhere else!
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia
UPDATE 11/23 My wife and I just returned from our second visit to Eleusinia. I wish “plant”medicine work was more normalized because it is safe and can be life changing. Mushrooms will not solve your problems overnight but they are an incredibly powerful tool that can help us do deep healing work quickly. It can be as effective as years of therapy in a day. Whether you are a healthy normal person looking to experience altered states of consciousness or someone dealing with severe anxiety or depression, the team at Eleusinia is just wonderful. Loving, compassionate, human. Though I now regularly work with mushrooms at home, I will continue to return to Eleusinia because their support, guidance and most of all their love help me to be vulnerable enough to face the really hard stuff. I have much work left to do but I am on the healing path. Facing and healing your pain is the hardest and most rewarding work you can do. If you are considering a psilocybin retreat, I can’t recommend Eleusinia highly enough! They are like family to us. Side note: if you are into birds, the area is a birders paradise so bring your optics. Eleusinia retreat is a special place. The difference is love. I navigated easily the most difficult experience of my life during this retreat. The safe space created by this amazing team allowed me to process some heavy emotional baggage I had been carrying around since I was a little boy. I am not an overly emotional person but I cried, a lot! I cried harder and for longer than I thought possible, but I felt safe to do so. I was humbled repeatedly by the power of the medicine and love and compassion I received from Jessica, Jay, Tawnya, Josefina, Andrew and Yamil.
Lynne Calabrese
Lynne Calabrese
Eleusinia is beyond compare. I spent an incredible amount of time researching retreats. I was interested in finding someplace to send my son to help with his depression. I chose Eleusinia because they are a science based retreat rather than just a one time spiritually based psychedelic experience. I had no idea what to expect. I WAS ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY. I had hoped I might find some help me with anxiety and chronic pain I was dealing with, but I kept my expectations low. Well, it has it helped with those issues and then some. It has completely changed the course of my life. I have come home a different person. The accommodations, food, and staff are 5 star. There was nothing more I could have asked for and they came up with things I didn't't know I wanted. The rooms are immaculate and the food was amazing. The staff......They are so welcoming and interested in making sure you are as comfortable as possible. They did everything they could to make sure everyone had the best experience possible. They all are extremely knowledgable and have an incredible ability and explain everything in a fun, easy to understand manner. The program they have put together is so well thought out. I was very impressed. I will be going back and my son will be going soon.
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson
I began my psychedelic journey on Google, as I assume most do, and was quickly drawn in by the possibility of help with some deep-rooted and maladaptive mental/emotional issues, as well as chronic pain management. The idea of exploring my consciousness and challenging my existing intellectual precepts was also intriguing. As a natural skeptic with strong materialist leanings, I was afraid the typical psychedelic retreats I was reading about would bog me down with spiritual and mystical baggage that I would find counter-productive. I was excited about neural plasticity and suppressing the Default Mode Network, not chants and spirit-play. Thus my excitement about running across Eleusinia, a “science-based psilocybin retreat” in their own words. My experience at Eleusinia was extraordinary. Since each person’s journey is unique, I’ll not waste time recounting mine. What I will say is that if you heed the importance of “Set” and “Setting”, this place is beyond compare. Rather than an AirBNB someplace, the Eleusinia campus spreads across some 100 acres of lush, beautiful Mexican rainforest, meaning all sessions were held outdoors in perfect weather. The Eleusinia staff worked with us beforehand to create the proper mindset, and stayed with us as our trips unfolded. I can’t describe how important the staff’s active involvement was during the trips as well as afterwards as we engaged in the integration process. I found it easy to connect with and benefit from the professionals Jess has assembled, and without exception they were dedicated and caring and nurturing. Accommodations were first-rate….as impressive as the grounds, and the meals were superb. All in all, I can’t imagine any way to improve on the Eleusinia program, and I fully intend to re-visit sometime next year.
Daniel Gagen
Daniel Gagen
Oct update: I returned for another amazing retreat that built on the first and also was able to experience the new serene and spacious site. Same incredible team, new inspiring group of guests and another hugely meaningful experience:) May 2023: There's not enough space here to share all of the wonderful aspects of the Eleusinia Retreat. As someone who has researched retreat options for over 3 years, there is no better way or place to fully explore the power of plant medicine. The professionals, the site, the food, the comfort and the attention to every detail imaginable. Guests came for a variety of reasons and all had varying experiences but the one common factor was the positive experience we all had. Everyone left glowing. Mind blowing, life altering. It was magical. Thank you.
Brian Campbell
Brian Campbell
If you think psychedelics are your next step for working through physical or emotional pain, or for figuring out the life you want, this is the place to make that happen. It was a financial "stretch" for me, but it is one of the cheapest options of its kind and you get way more value than you pay for. Besides the flights and the 3-hour drive from the airport, every single detail, staffperson, meal, bedroom, experience, and service is absolutely incredible. Unlike most people in my group, who came to address pain, I was just unsure about next-steps in life. The experiences were safe, personally challenging, and so much more than I imagined. Thank you so much to the staff and to the group I got to enjoy Eleusinia with.
Carlos Canhisares
Carlos Canhisares
My experience with Eleusinia was one of excellence from beginning to end. I had been aware of psilocybin’s potential to help relief depression symptoms for around two years, but I wasn’t comfortable trying it in a place without all safety concerns very well established. Eleusinia gave me that confidence and the experience could not have been more empowering. I thank all the staff. Everyone was very professional and loving the whole time. The new location is heaven on earth. Food was so good I still miss it. I thank Jessica for putting so much work together in order to provide such an amazing experience. With love, Carlos Tavares from Brazil.

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