Psilocybin & DMT Retreat

Science-Based Psilocybin Retreat Program With Guided Psychedelic Sessions and a Mushroom Cultivation Course

A Unique Program Conceived And Developed By A Patient

Guided Sessions, Mushroom Cultivation, and Neuroscience Education

At Eleusinia, we believe that benefiting from psilocybin starts with a deep understanding of the underlying physiological mechanisms behind a psychedelic experience. We have designed a program to help you understand every aspect of your medicine: How it works, how it’s grown, and how to best use it for your individual needs. We cut through the mystery and gatekeeping so common in psychedelic culture and instead focus on providing you with the experience, skills, and confidence you need to successfully incorporate psilocybin into your wellness plan.

What Exactly Is A Science-Based Psilocybin Retreat?

Eleusinia is a retreat that masterfully integrates modern research with a profound understanding of the effects of psychedelics on the brain. Here, you’ll encounter a unique blend of scientific rigor and consciousness exploration to unlock your full potential.

Psilocybin and DMT increase connectivity, communication, and synchrony between different brain regions. These remarkable substances serve as potent tools for elevating consciousness, deepening spirituality, and potentially shielding the brain and arteries from age-related illness such as dementia and atherosclerosis. Moreover, they offer an effective solution for individuals grappling with chronic pain or mental health challenges by harnessing anti-inflammatory properties and promoting neuroplasticity.

In our retreats, we skillfully harmonize the worlds of science and spirituality, ensuring you benefit from the best of both realms.

Who visits Eleusinia?

Consciousness Exploration

Approximately 30% of Eleusinia visitors are looking to expand their consciousness, exploring the enrichment potential of psychedelics beyond medicinal benefits.

Mental Health

Approximately 40% of Eleusinia visitors seek to improve mental health, inspired by promising psychedelic clinical trials for depression, OCD, and addiction.

Pain Management

Approximately 30% of Eleusinia visitors utilize our expertise in chronic pain management, harnessing the untapped potential of psychedelics for physical relief.

Eleusinia resonates with diverse individuals seeking science-backed, transformative psilocybin experiences. Whether you're a skeptical seeker, experienced psychonaut, or a beginner, our tailored, trusted, and comprehensive approach empowers meaningful psychedelic journeys

The Eleusinia Program

A comprehensive all-inclusive 5-day retreat meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring about meaningful change both during and beyond your stay.

Psilocybin Sessions

Two professionally guided psilocybin sessions included per retreat.

DMT Session

One professionally guided vaporized DMT session is included per retreat.

1-on-1 Integrations

We provide personalized & diverse integration sessions.

Mushroom Growing

We empower our visitors by offering a mushroom growing class.

Meditation Sessions

Specialized meditation and breath-work practices to aid induction into altered states of consciousness.

Neuroscience Education

We offer detailed presentations on the neuroscience of psychedelics.

Massage Therapy

We include a soothing hot stone massage to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ice Bath Session

Explore cold exposure to boost alertness, energy, and focus.

Authentic Cultural Experience

We're committed to preserving authentic indigenous ceremonial practices.

Continuing Support

Our commitment to your well-being continues post-retreat with six months of network access included.

Rigorous, Comprehensive Dosing

Our dosing program is comprehensive enough to apply to all types of visitors, including those addressing mental health and physical pain. Our program prepares visitors for the frequent doses required for addressing pain but can also be scaled back to help manage mental health or for those only seeking an exploratory experience. We aim to guide visitors to navigate the psychedelic space with ease and confidence in a safe environment that prioritizes medical science.

We value your privacy

We value your privacy at Eleusinia Retreat. To respect the confidentiality of our visitors, we have a strict no-photography policy and do not share identifiable photos on social media. Additionally, we wait until our guests have had time to readjust before recording podcast episodes, as we understand the sensitive mental state that can accompany psychedelic experiences.

Psilocybin and other classic psychedelics offer powerful anti-inflammatory properties and support neuroplasticity, aiding in the growth of neural connections. Our mushroom retreat provides psychedelic-assisted meditation to harness these features, along with a mushroom cultivation course to continue benefiting from these properties.

Retreat Podcast

Would you like to hear from real retreat visitors? Our podcast offers an intimate and heartfelt glimpse into the lives of real retreat visitors. Through guest interviews, you can listen to first-hand accounts of guest experiences at Eleusinia.

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The Eleusinia Story

Jessica established Eleusinia after finding successful relief from Hemicrania Continua, a debilitating headache condition, through psilocybin treatment. Eleusinia represents her vision of blending an authentic cultural psychedelic retreat with the latest in neuroscience to create a personalized, balanced retreat.

Retreat Reviews

Richard Berends
Richard Berends
if I could use only one word to describe our experience at the Eleusiana Retreat, it would be ..... MAGIC ... and magic it was...the staff who created this incredible warm, loving and caring atmosphere......the tasty vegan food, the magical ceremonies, the spacious clean rooms....what an absolutely great adventure we had.....see you guys next year X
Cat Widders
Cat Widders
This retreat out-delivered my imagination. The food was incredible, the staff was welcoming, sincerely caring and accommodating. The experiences were enlightening and have helped me beyond words.
Silvia Camplone
Silvia Camplone
I had such an incredible experience at Eleusinia. I had already high expectations and excitement when I booked cause the program seemed completely in line with what I was looking for. Yet every day I’ve spent there was rewarding me highly above what I already expected. Every person that works there is truly amazing and will make you feel taken care of in every possible way, from emotional support to scientific discussions to spiritual guidance and breath work and meditation, and really delicious food. Jessica did a great job in finding the best person to fit each role and has build a fantastic and diverse team that will enrich and inspire you from different perspectives. The space is truly beautiful, immersed in nature and carefully curated in every detail. The whole program is meticulously thought and designed to give you a truly meaningful and life changing experience, and also empower you to keep the treatment going at home. Also it’s perfectly balanced between a scientific and medical approach (the team will teach you a lot about neuroscience and the effects of psychedelics on brain and body), yet honoring the indigenous roots of this therapy and the spiritual experience as importantly. Michael Pollan would 100% approve 🙂 I felt safe and taken care of, which was fundamental to let myself go and experience ego dissolution during my macro dose, and then everything I’ve learned and the work I’ve done at the retreat was essential to bring me to a truly meaningful catharsis which is already showing a really positive impact in how I approach difficulties in life. On top of that, from the very first day the team created a very safe space and sharing their own experiences, they encouraged the guests to be open and vulnerable. This nurtured a very special interconnection between everyone in the retreat, I felt I could be my truest self and I shared a deep bond with people I’ve met only for 5 days. There is so much power in vulnerability and this experience showed me how. I know I will sound cheesy but I can’t find another word to describe it, I experienced so much love and humanity cause every person in the team is there out of love and dedication to help other people, sharing these powerful “tools” because they had such a profound and positive impact in their own life. You can truly feel this in every moment and every detail. Every day I think of this retreat I feel my heart fill with warmth and joy and I’m so happy I started this life changing journey in this very special place.
Tyler Strause
Tyler Strause
Knowledge is power, and Eleusinia Retreat is a powerhouse. This retreat doesn't just offer psychedelic experiences, it teaches you about them. From understanding the neuroscience of psilocybin to learning mushroom cultivation, I left Eleusinia not just enriched by my experiences but armed with the knowledge to continue my psychedelic journey independently. For anyone looking to truly understand psilocybin and its potential, Eleusinia is the place to be.
Jeanie Bell
Jeanie Bell
A container of safety that is created for a transformative experience, that includes one of the most important components, playfulness. Eleusinia is especially important, due to they prepare you at every turn on how to incorporate this medicine as part of your mental wellness plan.
Elizabeth Fetty
Elizabeth Fetty
Eleusinia was all that we hoped for and more. Each person that chooses to try psilocybin to help them with a physical condition or a mental health condition I believe will benefit greatly from the experience Eleusinia has to offer. I went for an entirely different reason than my partner did and we both came away changed in the ways that we hoped for. It will help you with addiction, depression, anxiety and even PTSD or even insecurities. I know it can sound hard to believe but my partner and I are physical proof. We came away from Eleusinia physically changed. My partners addiction was altered completely. He went to help him to stop drinking alcohol. Immediately he noticed the “intense desire” to drink was gone and that his body is now more sensitive to alcohol, one drink affects him like three drinks. I’m still amazed at how changed he is. I cannot recommend it enough.
G Joseph
G Joseph
The experience of this retreat was not entirely what I expected but so much more....the level of compassion, education and attention to detail on the services they are providing is truly amazing. Some of the best food I've ever eaten, that alone was worth it but the connections I made with others there and what I took away from it will help me so much going forward. A huge thank you to the entire staff at Eleusinia and especially Jessica for her vision on creating this atmosphere.
Shirly Gilad
Shirly Gilad
We are leaving Eleusinia Retreat today after a meaningful and transformative experience. The staff was incredible. The care for the participants and the attention to detail truly inspirational. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful container that allowed us all to thrive.
Chris Childress
Chris Childress
Eleusinia's property is stunning, the team is nurturing, and the program is life changing. I will recommend this experience to everyone I know. Jess and her team are changing lives. And did I mention the food?! It is phenomenal.