DMT for Cluster Headaches

A growing number of people are using DMT for cluster headaches. As an abortive that doubles as a preventative with compounded use, it is an attractive option. Since DMT has to be smoked to be consumed without additives, vape pens are popular. Unlike oxygen tanks, vape pens fit anywhere.


What is DMT?

DMT is the active component in ayahuasca, a form of DMT that is orally available. Usually extracted from mimosa hostilis, DMT is a natural substance that occurs in many plants and animals. Like psilocybin, it also binds to the 5HT2A receptor, but for a very short duration. Without the additional ingredients found in ayahuasca (MAOI), it only remains bound in that receptor for about 15 minutes, and does not pose any of the safety concerns that the additional ingredients in ayahuasca present. If consumed using a vape pen, you can bypass the need for additional ingredients and take advantage of the brevity of the effects. Most people using DMT for cluster headaches don’t consume enough to feel much of an effect, just enough to banish the cluster attack.

How to Use DMT For Cluster Headaches

Getting a breakthrough experience, or full psychedelic effect, can be difficult with a DMT vape pen. The smoke produced is a bit harsh, and it takes several deep “puffs” in short succession to access the full experience. It’s not pleasant. This might not be convenient for the individual looking for the full DMT psychedelic experience. They want to “break through” to a different experience of consciousness. But for someone looking to take the bare minimum to get pain-free, a DMT vape pen could be a good option.

A few puffs can abort an attack at the onset. The psychedelic effects can be intense but are always short-lived. With experience and fine-tuning, many users find a “sweet spot” that provides minimal psychoactive effects while still aborting the headache. Unlike sumatriptan, the vape pens can also be used for the rebound headaches that follow a psilocybin experience without interfering with the therapeutic impact. It combines the immediacy of an abortive, and the long-term benefits of a preventative.

DMT And The Retreat

At Eleusinia, we provide both DMT vapes and oxygen as abortive options for our “clusterhead” visitors. It can be a good opportunity to find out if it works for you as an abortive and to get comfortable with a previously unknown substance.

We focus on empowerment and self-sustainability. DMT vapes present a unique conundrum in this regard. On one hand, a big part of our retreat is the cultivation course we offer on growing mushrooms and promoting self-sufficiency. However, DMT is not something that can be easily produced without a chemistry background. Nevertheless, our goal is to support our TAC brothers and sisters in arms and help in any way we can to aid in the pursuit of a pain-free, higher quality of life.

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  1. 35 year episodic clusterhead. Tried many prescribed everything. I HAVE ABORTED 7 ATTACKS WITHIN 20 SECONDS OF VAPING DMT. 6 in the last 2 days, one this morning. I welcome dialog.

    1. 20 year episodic clusterhead currently going through a cycle. Insurance will not cover oxygen. Where mite someone find 1 of these pens?

    2. I was just wondering because I’ve also got an episodic cluster headaches, What are the side-effects like could you use this outdoors? I’m currently using microdots and mushrooms, but the effects can be very long lasting and very impractical to take, with long-term effects leading to tolerance buildup, which cannot happen on DMT, also carrying around an oxygen tank is the same, kind regards Luke

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