Fibromyalgia and Psilocybin: Mindy and Bobby

This is a love story about healing in our relationships, families, and communities. Bobby came to support Mindy on her journey with exploring psilocybin for fibromyalgia and experienced so much more than he expected. Mindy finds a way to navigate her illness, to have more good days with more self-compassion. This is a story about healing in our inner circles and how it affects our community.

Mindy: I will never be able to explain to another human being what I’ve been through. No one will ever know except me. He will be the closest to know, but other than, no one will ever know. I have a lot of people who don’t believe me. I have a lot of doctors that don’t believe me. And that’s really, really, really hard when you’re in constant chronic pain all the time.

Tawnya: I am so excited to introduce to you this next couple. It’s amazing when we suffer through trials and tribulations in our life how we don’t suffer alone, we suffer in our immediate relationships, families and communities. But the same has to be said for the way we heal.

This next story is about a couple who came: Bobby in support of his wife, Mindy, not really thinking he had anything to heal, the tremendous peace that he found as he supported Mindy in her journey healing from chronic pain. You’ll love this story because it plays out like a supportive love story in their own relationship and the community to follow. Enjoy.

Mindy and Bobby, thank you guys so much for coming to the show. It is just such a joy to see your face. I truly feel like we’re family. Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and when you came to Eleusinia and why?

Mindy: Well, I am Mindy and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia probably back in 2017. Started with back pain, hip pain, then it was just all over pain. Went to countless specialist, had a full hysterectomy. Went to neurologists, you name it. Had MRIs, CT scans, everything, and didn’t find something definite that was causing it. So I guess that’s why they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and then it just kind of went down from there, dealing with chronic pain almost every day.

I went from being a cheer coach working full time, then cheering, being a cheer coach at night and went from just doing practically it all, raising a family and doing all that to just being in bed every day, all day, could be three or four days at a time. And just kind of went downhill from there. Got on countless prescription medications. Then finally, I guess two years ago, started seeing a functional medicine doctor and slowly and very painfully got off of all prescription medications that I was on.

It liked to have killed me, but I did it. And then I knew that I had to find some way to deal with this. If I have to live with it and I have to accept it, then I have to find a way to live with it. And so I had been researching wellness retreats for a long time. Probably a good year before I found you and I couldn’t find anything that quite fit what I was looking for. Then you came up on my TikTok one day.

And I followed your journey about being a nurse and then getting into psychedelic medicine and then getting the job at Eleusinia, and so then I went straight to the website and just started researching and reading. And I remember thinking, I’m scared he’s going to say yes because that means we’re actually going to do it. So maybe I’m hoping he’ll say no, you know? But of course he did not say no. Because he never does. He always supports me in everything that we do. And set up a meeting with Jessica and that was it. We were there not too long after, and it was the best worst experience of my life.

Bobby: I remember when she came to me looking at the schedules when I told her, Yeah, we’ll do it. She showed me the different available dates and wow we can’t do it because of this date. We can’t do it because of this date. And, you know, when is there ever a good time to run to Mexico for a week and, you know, go to a psilocybin retreat? And finally I said, you know what? Let’s go. And I remember how scared she got when I said, “Let’s go. We’re really going.” And then she was like, “Wait, do you really want to do it?” I was like, “Yeah, we’re going.”

Tawnya: Tell us a little bit about, you know, you had the courage and you guys got on the plane. Tell us about the journey of the plane to the retreat and then how the retreat started.

Mindy: Our travel there wasn’t too bad. I will tell you, I do remember the pain I was in traveling there and the pain I was not in coming home. That was huge for me. That was very huge for me. But yeah, we got to the airport in Mexico City. There was a little bit of a language barrier there, but we figured it out. We found where to meet at the hotel, and then you see everybody for the first time and you’re like, “Why are they here?” And the whole bus ride there, it was like two hours. That was pretty hard, just not knowing where you’re going. You’re just kind of looking out. You’re in the bus and my head’s pounding, I’m hurting. The anxiety’s coming on. You’re going down all these winding roads and then this wooden gate opens up and here’s Eleusinia, the most beautiful place.

You know, we didn’t expect for it just to be so beautiful and nice there like it was and seeing y’all… seeing you for the first time, it was like celebrity. I was in shock. It was great. Everybody was so welcoming and showed us to our rooms and then we got to meet everybody and then we had dinner, talked about what was going to happen the next day, and I felt like we were already there for the macro dose the next day.

Tawnya: How were you feeling, Bobby? Were you scared going in for Mindy, still not thinking about yourself at that time or what?

Bobby: I think one of my biggest worries the whole time was the type of work that I do. I’m rarely gone. It’s hard for me to be completely unavailable, even if I go out of town or on vacation or to the beach, you know, I tend to make myself somewhat available, and the thought of shutting off communication for any period of time had me a little uneasy. I remember the whole way to the, to the place, I was looking at the service on my phone to see if I was losing service. But no, everything went really smooth, you know? It was a little out of my comfort zone. I get in a van with 12 strangers, or 11 other, or 10 other strangers, and heading into the mountains in Mexico. Everybody was pretty quiet and I think everybody was probably a little nervous until that gate opened. And I think everybody saw familiar faces somewhat and to see y’all, it was instantly an at home feeling.

Mindy: Yeah. You just knew that you were safe.

Bobby: Yeah.

Mindy: And you were going to be taken care of.

Bobby: Yeah. We knew we were a good place.

Mindy: And it is important to note that Bobby was not even going to participate in either macro or mini dose or anything. He had asked Jessica if he had to, when we did the Skype call prior to coming, and he was like, “Oh, I don’t really think I need to.: And I’m like, “What? You have to do it!”

Bobby: Right.

Mindy: So he wasn’t even interested in taking part in it.

Bobby: So I was, when, when she first approached me about going, I was like, “Yeah, that’s, that sounds great.” You know? And I’m instantly thinking, I’m looking at the dates going, okay, so that means I’m going to be away from work for this many days. Is it a weekend thing? And she’s like, Well, no, you’re going to have to miss two or three days of work. And you know, and I can, don’t get me wrong, but I was thinking how difficult that was going to be. We just have a lot of things going on right now, and it wasn’t a great time for me to be gone, so I said, you know, maybe this will be better for you to go alone, like on this journey, you know, empowering type thing. And then I said, well, no, that’s not how I work. I can’t let her go by herself off like that and I’m just a little overprotective, I guess. But, so I decided I’ll go, but I’ll just be there for support. And like she said, we talked with Jessica and she said do as you want, but I think it would probably benefit you both if you both took part in everything together. And so I said, okay, I’m game for whatever. And so I did. And boy was she right.

Mindy: I remember being so scared of just taking the macro dose because I’m such a sissy when it comes to drinking anything or taking anything. And I had the liquid rather than the actual paste, because I guess it’s for like IBS reasons or whatever, and it was not bad at all. It was totally fine. The first thing I remember doing is walking like away kind of by myself because I had already told myself, “Don’t go near Bobby. Don’t ruin his trip. Don’t ruin his time.” You know, stay away from him. I can remember immediately feeling a pressure in my chest and that tightness when it started happening or working. And Andrew came right over to me and we did some breathwork and then I got up and walked away and it got heavier and heavier and heavier.

And then next thing I know, I’m sitting in the chair crying at the fire. I think that’s right around when you came along and tried to help me get out of that. And he’s over there laughing and everything and having a great, good old time, which I knew he would. After I had my little episode, I went to the bathroom and I came out and I said, “It’s time to go see Bobby.” And we walked over to Bobby and there he was with his hand over his mouth giggling at his hill or whatever he was seeing at that time. And we laughed like a bunch of middle school girls for I don’t know how long. That was pretty cool.

That moment, I felt no pain. I felt no stress, no anxiety. I felt light as a feather. It was the best feeling I had in years… like, years. I didn’t even know a person could feel like that. And we just laughed and laughed and him cracking jokes.

Bobby: I just feel like I’m no expert by any means, but I feel like a lot of times, your experience can have a lot to do with your environment, in the setting, the mood, whether it be music, the weather, and when she came, when her face appeared in my story that was taking place, it was like instant smile. Instant happy. When I saw her face, I could tell she’d been crying, but her face lit up instantly and we had this look with each other. And I knew she was good from then on, you know, and she was, because once she was there with me, and it’s like she knew everything was okay and there was nothing to worry about, her whole thing changed instantly. And that’s when she was able to let go and relax and let it all happen, you know? And it did.

Tawnya: And how did it start for you?

Bobby: So I remember telling a few of the staff that I know myself and I’m pretty silly and as I said earlier, I was going into this to support her. I was going into this with the attitude, “I don’t really have any problems I’m going to solve. I’m just going there to help her.” I also felt like there was other people there with issue to work through, whether that be pain or depression or anxiety. And so I had this big concern about bothering other people. And if I get to laugh, I don’t know how out of control I might get. I don’t know what to expect, but I didn’t want to mess up anybody else. Right? And so I love to laugh. I laugh all the time. I think the silliest things are funny, really funny. And so I instantly, I remember within 10 minutes of taking the macrodose, I felt the giggles coming, and I didn’t even know why. And so I wanted to get away from everybody as far as I could. And so I did. I put the headphones on, and so I could kind of just be in my own little world over there. And I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and I didn’t even know why. Let me back up. The evening we got there, we walked out into the backyard, the most beautiful view, this hill, which I now refer to as “my hill” in the back. I looked at that and I knew it was going to be magical and I don’t even know why. It was just so beautiful. So sure enough I was expecting that and so I looked up at it within a few minutes of starting and sure enough, it had an energy about it. You know the trees and the breeze is always blowing there it seems like, and it was just blowing and moving and not in a scary way. Just beautiful.

So every few moments after a little while, you know, something would pop in my head like I always have my phone with me. I’m always checking my email because like I said, I run a website and I need to be checking and people need me and, you know, it would pop into my head, “Oh, you need to check your email.” You know, what about work? It kept kind of breaking my concentration. And I was looking at the hill and I felt like I started to notice like a pattern forming towards the bottom. Like letters forming. I had no idea what this was about, didn’t know what it was saying or spelling, and then it all cleared up at once and it said, “Let it go – L-E-T-I-T-G-O.” As clear as day. And I wasn’t even sure what that meant. And then it hit me. Just relax and let it go, for once in your life. Let it go. And so I did. I sat back in the chair I was sitting in. I took a deep breath and just kind of exhaled. And that at that moment it got really powerful and I had a feeling come over me that is hard to put into words. I described it to somebody the other day. If a friend has never had children, let’s say, and you’re trying to explain to them about true love, you know, the love of your child, it’s hard to explain to someone sometimes. And the feeling I had come over me is a feeling that I’ve never had before, and it was so powerful. It’s hard to put into words because I can’t say it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. Yes, it is. But it was a feeling of freedom, of just pure joy. And I instantly thought of my mother and my father and my sister and everybody I love that I just wanted them… what I would give for them to feel what I was feeling at that moment.

Mindy: Well, let me add real quick, he has a lot of pressure from work, then he has to come home and with me being sick, he has a lot of things that he has to pick up on my slack, whether it be kids, laundry, the house, food, whatever. There’s a lot of times where he’s just had to step in and do it all himself. So he has had a lot on his plate and he has sacrificed so much for me to get better and I feel like he was able to kind of let it all go at that moment and just enjoy being with himself.

Bobby: Yeah, I think I was able to let go of things I didn’t even realize that I was holding onto. It was just a moment of pure bliss that I can’t put into words. I don’t think using the term, “I didn’t have a care in the world,” would be a good one, just, I don’t know how else to describe it. It was just a free feeling. It really is hard to explain. But it was wonderful.

Tawnya: Yeah, and in a way you almost did have deep care because you were thinking about the people that you really loved, and you were even thinking about your friends, right?

Bobby: Yeah. Right, right. So the a good friend of mine, when he heard I was going and I was telling him, you know, I’m just going to support Mindy. He’s like, “What are, you know, you’re not going to take part in everything?” And I was like, “No, I’m not. I don’t really need to.” Of course he told me I was crazy. And if I was going I absolutely was going to take part in everything. So after I talked to Jessica and I decided I was going to, I was, it’s all or nothing. So I wanted to do everything to the full extent. Even when we ate the mushrooms, the psilocybin in the paste. Even when we ate that, they, some of the other people were laughing at me the next night saying how they were watching me lap it up and like lick the spoon. And because I wanted every drop, I wanted the full experience. If I was going to do it, I wanted it all. So I did, and I’m so glad I did because there were so many moments throughout this week that changed…. it literally changed my life. I wasn’t someone in physical pain. I didn’t feel like I had dealt with depression problems or anxiety, but it did something to me. Someone even told me the other day that I seemed calmer since I’ve been, you know, more relaxed.

The things we learned while we were there, the breath exercises, the breathwork from Andrew. I’ve been able to apply those things like that into my normal life. Meeting 12, 10 other strangers. You know, seeing them at first and kind of looking at each one and trying to figure out what type of people they are and what they’re about and why are they there? And not being real sure if, you know, I’m, I’m not sure if I’ll get to know that person. They look a little different or you know, and then four days later I’m crying, hugging them by making sure we get their contact information and we’re all crying and don’t want to leave. And it’s amazing. It was a very powerful experience that we all shared together in our own unique ways, each of us.

So at one point I was sitting by the pool in a chair. I look up, you know, during the trip there was, there’s times where you don’t even think about where you’re at and where everybody else is, and you’re just kind of there. And at one point I kind of looked up. Something caught my attention. And I see a few people, you know, someone sitting over here and another person laying on the ground and somebody stumbling around and, you know, I thought to myself how kind of this is so wacky and if my friends could only see this right now. And I said, “Well, I know what, you know, I went to reach for my phone because that’s what we do. We reach for our phone. I got to show my friend this pic, you know, and I’ll take a picture and we send it to him. Well, I reached for my phone. Of course, I didn’t bring my phone. So I said, “Oh, well, I know what!” I mean with no hesitation. I said, “Well, I know what, I’ll just draw a box around it and I’ll send it to him.”

And I put my hand in the air and I drew a box in the air and it made a perfect rectangle frame. It made a click sound like a camera. And I said, “Well, how am I going to send it to him? I know what, I’ll just send it through the clouds.” And I have no idea why it sounded so logical at the time. I grabbed the picture box, I put it up to the clouds, and about that time, I believe it was Jay came walking up and he broke my concentration and the picture dissipated in the sky. And so I was like, Wow, I guess I got to try that again. And I actually tried it three times and every time either a leaf, one of those flowers fell off that tree and hit the ground or someone walked up and I never did get that message out.

And I asked him, “Did you ever, did you get my message from the other day?” And he was like, “What?” I said, “Well, I tried to send you a text three times, but it didn’t go through.” And I told him the story. Loved it.

Tawnya: And then, wait there was one more thing that you, I remember you saying is that you knew that you could like shoot a ball of energy out of your hand, right?

Bobby: Yeah.

Mindy: It was lasers.

Bobby: It was. Yeah, it was lasers.

Mindy: But he didn’t do it. He didn’t want to scare everybody off.

Bobby: Yeah. I was sitting there and I was looking around. This was like halfway through. I looked up and I was just kind of watching everybody, which was so… what I wouldn’t give to have video of that, that scene. But I looked up and I’m kind of taking it all in and I felt this strange sensation in my hands. And I looked down at the palms in my hands and I could see I guess more than you normally can see when you look at the palms of your hands, like almost the veins a little bit.

And I could feel this energy building up my hands. I instantly knew I could shoot some type of lasers out of my hands. And I looked up and I remember I lifted my hands up and I went to raise my hands up to do it. And I looked out at everybody and I said, “You know, if I do this, these people are going to freak out. And I know I can do it, but I’m not going to do it. You know, I’ll do it later or something.” So I decided not to shoot the lasers. I didn’t want to scare anybody.

Tawnya: Oh man, Bobby, thank you for sharing that.

Mindy: His trip makes me just want to keep trying until I can get there. Like I want to be where he was.

Bobby: I feel like our body, our senses… let’s say our taste, our touch, our hearing, our sight, I feel like our bodies can really do a lot more than our mind allows us to with our senses. In other words, I had like sensory overload. Okay. So like, there’s things I saw without my glasses on during the trip that were clearer than they should be, right? There’s things I heard that I could hear way better than I normally can hear. I’m not a big fruit eater, and I ate fruit, and it was, it was magical when it hit my mouth, right? So I felt like psilocybin like opened up this blocker. In other words, it’s not like I dreamed that the fruit tasted better or I felt it better, or I didn’t dream that I was seeing these things. I didn’t dream that I was hearing the flowers hit the ground. I could hear them. Does that make sense?

Tawnya: Yeah, absolutely, because the filter that we normally have in place is completely removed. And so you’re getting all of that.

Bobby: Let’s say I was looking at one of those orange flowers and watched it hit the ground and then heard it loud. Well, you could say, well you know, you saw it hit the ground. Your mind said it was louder. But I would hear them behind me, you know, without seeing them. That’s unexplainable to me.

Tawnya: What I want to get into is all the challenging things that Mindy, that it felt just super hard for you to break through and what it felt like as someone who has had PTSD from the illnesses that you’ve suffered and the medical trauma really that you have endured trying to find a reason and an answer for being sick.

Mindy: I will never be able to explain to another human being what I’ve been through. No one will ever know except me. He will be the closest to know, but other than that, no one will ever know. I have a lot of people who don’t believe me. I have a lot of doctors that don’t believe me, family members. I don’t think it’s that they don’t believe me. I think it’s just hard for them to understand, because I look totally fine. People look at me and judge me and think that everything is just great. And that’s really, really, really hard when you’re in constant chronic pain all the time. And everything that I have to do, you know, for my little family that I have is so hard every day and you feel like such a failure. And the guilt and the shame.

What this trip has done as a whole has really taught me how to have compassion for myself and grace. I was never able to do that before, and that’s the biggest thing that has come a away from this trip, is that when we got up the next day after the macro dose for the hike, I remember telling him, I don’t think I can do it. I just don’t really feel like I can. I remember you even seeing me be kind of anxious about it, and you were like, “You don’t have to go.” And I’m thinking, “Oh, I’m going.” Like I would be so disappointed in myself if I didn’t try. And I remember when we got out of the van and that the first, I don’t know… 20 feet were like straight up. And the altitude and everything kind of got to me and I’m like, “There there’s no way.” Like I can’t do this. And then we got up to where we met everybody. And when Andrew told us to be silent and to take everything in, like just for yourself, you see something pretty, you don’t have to go, Hey, come look at this. “Hey y’all, look at this!” You look at it and you enjoy it just to yourself. And I thought that was so cool because me and Bobby were together on the hike and. We’re silent the whole time. Like we just kind of took everything in on our own. And we made it up to the top of that mountain and then watched the people paraglide off of it.

And it was the most rewarding feeling – that I was able to do it. And it just showed me that I can do things that I think I can’t do. And that was the exact same thing with the ice bath. I just thought, “There’s no way. There’s no way I can do this.” Crying and shaking before watching everybody do it, and the pain they went through to do it. And then I remember I pictured my kids standing in front of that barrel and I knew that I had to show them that I could do it. And I did it. The most rewarding, best feeling I’ve ever had was that moment right there and then that led into the mini dose. And I was so excited to do it. I just remember everybody was like, “Here’s your towel from the fire.” I’m like, “I don’t need it. I’m not even cold. I felt great!”

It was just an amazing feeling. And I take all that with me now for when I think I can’t do something, that I have to just try it and do it. And I end up doing it every time.

Bobby: Yeah. We were talking about something the other day and she said, “I can’t, you know, I can’t.” I said, Yeah, like, you couldn’t climb that hill? Right? Like you couldn’t get in an ice bucket? Right. Those little things that took place on that vacation, they’ll stay with us forever, you know? There was just some little things here and there and I’m sure each of us that went have our own special little moments, but certain little conversations we have with staff members, with other strangers. You know, that were strangers before we got there. Those little things will always keep with us and we’ll never forget.

Mindy: Well another thing that was great was actually meeting someone face to face who was similar to me. I’ve never ever met anybody face to face who has chronic pain or fibromyalgia or anything like that, and meeting one of the people there who has dealt with the kind of trauma that I have. You know, we talk about trauma in a way where it’s only if you were molested or went to war or something like that, but trauma can be literally anything. And just me learning that has helped me be more compassionate with myself speaking to someone who was going through about the same things as me, but had never really dealt with the kind of trauma people think is trauma.

Tawnya: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And then I know that it was a challenge like for you to move through the macro doses experiences and luckily, like, you know, to you, your touchstone is Bobby and he is still being that for you as you navigate your doses at home. And I know that you said that before we got on the call that, you know, you still have some really hard days, but you’ve had some great days. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Mindy: Yeah. The, you know, the hard days still come because it’s when, when you get to a point where, you know, let’s say I’ve had a migraine for six days straight, then you kind of get to the point where, what’s the point? I can’t live like this. I can’t do this anymore. And then I go kind of into a really dark place and I’ll have, you know, a good cry. And then usually what happens is I’ll either, you know, tell Bobby to come outside with me, or I’ll talk to him. And he always finds a way to help me realize that it’s going to be okay. And I’m going to have these days and I’ve had some really great days. Made a few new flower beds in my backyard. He bought me some chimes that sound like Eleusinia. So it’s been, it’s been really good to see those good days. If I can just learn that I still am going to have bad days and get through them just fine, I’m going to be much better. And I think the psilocybin really helps with that.

I’ve noticed my pain got worse, probably a good two and a half weeks after we got back. I was kind of, not pain free, but it was leaps and bounds better than what it had been. So now I know that it does help with the pain and when I find my right dose and we get there, I think it’s going to be pretty magical.

Tawnya: Amazing. And Bobby, and you’re like just holding down the fort and you’re not planning on having another dose again for a while or are you? I’m just hoping that we can set an attention for you to have another dose. Just for what I saw about you is that, you know, you have a really big heart and there’s lots of people in your life that you care a ton about. And being able to remember that is where you can stand super strong. That’s where your strength comes from.

Bobby: Thank you. I definitely plan on it. I actually can’t wait. But, you know, well, we have a lot going on around here most of the time and with kids, and just it hadn’t been the right moment for me. But yeah, I mean, I look very forward to it, to continuing that journey. And can’t wait.

Mindy: Tawnya do you remember me telling you that I have to share him with a lot of people? And I do. A lot of people call him for things, like to talk to him because he’s such a good person to talk to and I feel like he thinks he has to be so strong for everybody all the time, but he is mentally way stronger than a lot of us. But I just like how he was able to just let go and be with himself and you know, have that time because he needs that. He doesn’t really do that for himself. And so that was great to see that he was able to do that. Because he’s always there for a lot of people, not just me.

Bobby: Yeah, it just showed me that and really like I wasn’t even meaning to have my own time or my own experience. I just knew that I wanted to go. This was something we’ve never done. This was something totally out of my element that I normally would’ve never done. Both of our families thought we were crazy and it just kinda happened, and y’all had a way of making that happen for me. It just showed me that it’s okay to care about yourself and to take a little moment for yourself.

Mindy: It’s not okay. It’s necessary. It’s, yeah, you’re right. I think it’s necessary. You know what I’ve learned… I wish I would’ve learned all of this prior to me having kids or, you know, even when they were younger. I would’ve done a lot of things differently. I would’ve not worried about some of the things that I worried about with them. And I think that this experience, whether you have chronic pain, whether you have PTSD, whether it is just stress, anxiety, whatever. Whether it’s nothing, like him. I think it’s something that everybody should do once in their life. Absolutely. Like it was just a game changing experience and with lessons that you will take forever.

Tawnya: And Mindy I know you said that nobody will ever know what you’ve been through, but I feel like there’s other listeners out there that feel the same way about how they’ve suffered with chronic pain. If you could say anything to those people that are listening and maybe contemplating coming or how is it being in a place that’s so vulnerable to where even a hike is a super, super hard thing to get done? Do you have a message for those people?

Mindy: I would say do it. No matter what’s going on in your life, whether you have to go by yourself. Because I’ll tell you, I think there was… what? Four women alone on this trip. And as soon as we were picked up from the airport, I felt totally safe. I felt fine. I would tell anybody who’s dealing with something like I have – DO IT! Go and do it. You won’t regret it because you’re just going to learn so many things about yourself or how to handle those hard days. I didn’t have the tools to handle the hard days like I have now. It just… it helps a lot. You don’t realize how much it’s going to help. Because somebody with a mind like mine… I go straight to the negative. Straight to, “it’s not going to work.” Straight to that. But with this experience, I can remember being so open to it and thinking, “Oh, it’s going to work.”

And then I remember being scared about it when he said “Yes,” and we’re actually going to do it. And then when he booked the flight, I’m like, “Oh, here we go. We are definitely doing this.” And I’m just so glad we did. I’m so glad we did it. It was worth every penny, every minute, everything. It was worth it.

Bobby: Yeah. I’d like to say something. I’ve talked to a lot of friends since I’ve been back about it and, you know, when you first start to describe where we went. They think, “Oh, you went and did mushrooms in Mexico.” Was that a big part of it? Sure. But my personal experience, and I know I can speak for Mindy – Yes we went to a psilocybin retreat, but what we took home from that retreat was so much more than the psilocybin part. You know, the staff members. Being with these other people who started out strangers, who, as I’m talking to you right now, I just got a message from one of ’em. You know, that we all still communicate. On the way to the airport, we were in the van and they were sitting in the seat in front of us and she leaned around and told Mindy, she said, I gotta tell you something. The day we were doing the ice bath, I was watching you sit there on the ground crying and trembling and terrified and it bothered me so bad, you know? And then all of a sudden you got up and you got in the ice bath and you did it all two minutes. She said “It inspired me so much and you’re the reason that I got in that ice bath and did it myself.” And of course, I’m crying, but it’s just little things. You just don’t realize that, you know, somebody else is over here struggling, and somehow found the power to get in that bath and do it. And little did she know it inspired someone else in the group, you know, things like that. It’s just a lot of little things like that we took from that place. Magical.

I mean it is just an amazing experience and there’s never a good time to pack up and go somewhere for a week for most people. So my advice would be: Don’t put it off. Pick a date. Pack your stuff and go. I can’t imagine how anyone could regret what we did.

Mindy: Yeah. Your job is going to survive. Your kids are going to survive. Everything’s going to be fine if you just go and do it.

Bobby: Absolutely.

Tawnya: Oh, well thank you guys so much for coming on and sharing, and I just, I love you too, and I love the love that you have for each other and your own family, and I have so much faith in your path going forward because you guys have each other. So thank you guys for sharing yourselves with us and for coming on the show.

Mindy: Thank you. We feel like we have an extended family now. We’ve been keeping in touch with the people in our group and it’s been really neat to see what’s going.

Tawnya: Oh, well I can’t wait to stay in touch with you both. So I hope to see you guys soon in the network.

Bobby: We really miss everybody.

Mindy: Yeah. See your smile.

Bobby: Yeah. I showed somebody our pictures the other day and I said, “You see her smile, it never leaves her face.”

Tawnya: Oh, thank you guys so much. Thanks for coming.

Mindy: Thank you, Tawnya.

Tawnya: Thank you so much for listening. I hope that the story hits close to home for someone. If you have questions or you think that Eleusinia may be a good fit for you, or a good fit for you and your partner, please book a free call. It’s right on the website:

Talk with us and see if it’s something that you want to plan for. No matter what happens, we wish you so much compassion on your journey.

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