Hannah Visits Eleusinia

In this captivating podcast interview, Hannah shares her extraordinary journey of healing and overcoming spiritual abuse through psychedelic experiences at the Eleusinia retreat. Her story is a testament to resilience and hope as she navigates life’s challenges, seeking mental well-being for herself and her family.

Discovering Coping Mechanisms: The Early Struggles

Hannah’s path towards mental health advocacy began during her early adulthood when she worked with medically fragile children, a job that weighed heavily on her heart. Seeking counseling, she learned valuable coping mechanisms like journaling and emotional expression, but it also marked the beginning of her battle with depression, which persisted for years, amplifying life’s difficulties.

Confronting Past Traumas: From China to PTSD Symptoms

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she moved with her husband to China, facing the chaos of traffic and dealing with noise that triggered PTSD symptoms, making her hypersensitive to even the slightest sounds.

Life’s Challenges: Adoption, Loss, and Struggles

Life continued to present challenges; they adopted a daughter, lost her father, and her husband lost his job as a youth pastor due to manipulative tactics by their pastor. These upheavals led to financial struggles, multiple relocations, and the additional hardships of the pandemic and racial violence.

The Pursuit of Mental Health: Exploring New Avenues

Despite the adversities, Hannah remained steadfast in her commitment to improving her mental health. She explored various approaches, including EMDR therapy, which showed promise in managing traumatic triggers. Intrigued by the potential of psilocybin, she discovered its profound impact on rewiring the brain, akin to a concentrated form of EMDR. This realization gave her newfound hope for a brighter future.

A Journey of Racial Identity: Seeking Peace and Acceptance

Hannah’s racial background also played a significant role in her experiences. As a white woman with an adopted African American daughter, she sought a peaceful life away from the racial violence prevalent in the United States, leading her to live in Peru and the Dominican Republic. Seeking additional support for her struggles, she eventually admitted herself to a mental health care facility.

The Transformational Experience: Eleusinia Retreat

Finally, her path led her to the transformative experience at the Eleusinia retreat. During the communal retreat, the psilocybin experience brought healing and the release of trauma. She had profound moments of reconciliation with past hurts from China, addressed childhood issues related to church, and forgave herself for past pressures to conform.

Reconnecting and Rediscovering: A Mini Dose Experience

Hannah shared her mini dose experience at the retreat, which brought her a deep sense of peace and contentment. The psilocybin journey allowed her to experience a flood of contentment, a feeling she had struggled to find before. Additionally, the experience connected her with childlike wonder and playfulness, sparking joy and acceptance.

Embracing Vulnerability: Sharing the Journey

Hannah’s openness to share her story has been met with mixed reactions, but she has found safe spaces to connect with like-minded individuals who value love, liberation, and healing from trauma. She remains excited to continue sharing her experiences to inspire hope and healing in others.

Conclusion: The Power of Psychedelic Experiences

In conclusion, Hannah’s journey serves as a powerful testament to the potential of psychedelic experiences in fostering healing, personal growth, and transformation. Her story resonates with anyone who has faced trauma, spiritual abuse, or mental health challenges, demonstrating the tremendous benefits of embracing new avenues for healing.

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