Irene Visits Eleusinia

In this insightful podcast interview, Irene shares her profound and transformative experiences with psilocybin, and how it has brought her to a path of self-healing. Irene’s journey began with chronic pain resulting from a form of skeletal dysplasia, which led her to numerous surgeries to function normally. Feeling disconnected from her body and frustrated with the limitations it imposed, Irene sought alternative therapies, including psychedelic experiences, as a last resort to find relief and understand the underlying issues.

Exploring Ayahuasca:

About a month before attending the retreat at Eleusinia, Irene decided to explore ayahuasca and other plant-based medicines like Kambo and Bufo. Her first ayahuasca experience was profound but destabilizing, leading her to face overwhelming grief and frustration towards her physical body. Despite the intensity, Irene saw the potential of these experiences and viewed them as a lifeline to guide her forward.

Irene’s Experience at Eleusinia:

During the podcast, Irene delves into her experiences during the psilocybin retreat at Eleusinia. Initially, she focused on the physical aspects of her body, seeking relief from chronic pain and working on her movements. Over time, she began to address emotional and psychological blockages and embraced her anger and frustrations, leading to a period of mourning and self-acceptance. Irene experienced moments of transcendent clarity and tapped into a source of infinite power within herself, ultimately coming to terms with her emotions and allowing herself to let go.

The Process of Undoing and Emotional Catharsis:

Irene’s journey was not without its challenges, and she realized the need to confront her denial and acknowledge her emotions fully. She found that denial had been a coping mechanism, preventing her from addressing her deep-rooted trauma. Through her psilocybin experiences, Irene slowly allowed herself to unravel emotionally, finding the courage to face her past and accept her feelings of anger and frustration.

Integrating the Experience:

After her retreat, Irene decided to make psilocybin a part of her ongoing self-healing journey. She continued to explore her body and mind, finding the balance between her rational and intuitive sides. By acknowledging her emotions and allowing herself to be vulnerable, Irene began to tap into her creative and joyful side, leading to a more holistic sense of self.


Irene’s story is a powerful testament to the potential of psychedelics in promoting self-healing and personal growth. Through these psychedelic experiences, Irene learned to embrace her emotions, accept her physical limitations, and reconnect with her true self. The journey toward self-awareness and inner peace is ongoing, but Irene’s newfound clarity and courage have set her on a path of transformation and growth.

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