Lily Visits Eleusinia

In this interview on the Eleusinia podcast, Tawnya welcomed Lily, a courageous woman from Spain, to share her transformative experience with psychedelics. Lily’s journey, marked by heart-wrenching trauma and loss, led her to Eleusinia in pursuit of healing and understanding. This blog post unravels Lily’s poignant narrative and her profound encounters with psilocybin and DMT during her time at Eleusinia.

Unforeseen Tragedy: Lily’s Traumatic Year

Lily opens up about the devastating events that unfolded in 2022, a year that shattered her seemingly idyllic life. The loss of two pregnancies due to a genetic disorder left Lily grappling with grief and trauma. Despite society’s tendency to downplay such experiences, Lily emphasizes that miscarriages and abortions are not mere natural events but profoundly traumatic, marking the lives of those who endure them.

The Road to Psychedelics: Ayurvedic Healing and Beyond

Lily’s journey into psychedelics began unexpectedly after her first pregnancy loss. Seeking solace, she embarked on an Ayurvedic retreat, discovering the transformative power of natural medicine. When tragedy struck again, she delved into extensive research on psychedelics, leading her to Eleusinia.

Choosing Eleusinia: A Retreat Focused on Healing

Lily’s meticulous research and interviews with various retreats ultimately led her to Eleusinia. What stood out for her was the retreat’s commitment to addressing the nature of pain and trauma. Jessica, Eleusinia’s founder, impressed Lily with her science-based approach to psychedelics, providing a level of transparency and honesty that resonated deeply.

Psilocybin: A Journey of Beauty and Raw Emotion

Lily vividly recounts her psilocybin experience, starting with a profound connection to a tree – her “God tree.” In this sacred space, she felt a surge of interconnection with nature, shedding her ego and acknowledging the rawness of her emotions. Lily’s encounter with Josephina, Eleusinia’s guide, facilitated a release of guilt and a conversation that proved pivotal to her healing.

DMT: A Revelation Beyond Words

The DMT experience proved to be a revelation for Lily. In a mesmerizing vision, she perceived a room as the inception point of life and death, a place where her babies found eternal peace. The overwhelming sense of love and self-acceptance in this otherworldly realm left Lily profoundly changed.

Mini Dose: A Playful Journey into Self-Discovery

The mini-dose, though lighter, further enriched Lily’s psychedelic exploration. Enhanced by Wim Hof breathing, she found moments of introspection, glimpsing her third eye and experiencing a joyful walk among banana trees. Lily’s ability to merge playfulness with self-discovery demonstrated the versatile nature of psychedelics.

Integration: A Step Forward on the Healing Path

Returning home, Lily reflects on the positive impact of her psychedelic odyssey. While acknowledging that psychedelics are not a universal solution, she emphasizes their potential as a safe and natural means of addressing mental health challenges. Lily’s newfound perspective has positively influenced her anxiety, relationships, and advocacy for the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics.

A Message of Empowerment for Others

In closing, Lily offers a message to mothers and women who have faced similar traumas. She encourages them not to blindly trust medical recommendations but to prioritize self-awareness and seek diverse perspectives before committing to long-term treatments. Lily’s journey serves as an empowering testament to the strength found in self-listening and the potential of psychedelics as a conduit for healing.

As Lily continues her path forward, her story stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating their own healing journeys, inspiring others to embrace the transformative power of psychedelics in pursuit of self-discovery and emotional well-being.

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