Psilocybin For Colitis

Incorporating psilocybin for colitis into your management plan can be a powerful tool to manage pain and inflammation. Many regular users of psilocybin have noticed a marked improvement in their colitis symptoms, and there’s serious science to back this up.

Psilocybin For Colitis

Autoimmune diseases like colitis, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis are treated with medications that block the production of proteins that signal the inflammatory response. These proteins are called cytokines, and they are the reason we have symptoms like swelling or redness in damaged tissue or in response to an infection. With autoimmune, your body is producing excessive amounts of these proteins. There are many types of cytokines, but the main one many autoimmune treatments focus on is TNF.

A plethora of TNF blockers exist on the market in a class of medications called “biologics”. Psilocybin is a powerful modulator of TNF, in many ways superior to the medications that are currently on the market. It can control the production of these cytokines but does not have a negative impact on your ability to fight infection, unlike other TNF blockers. Many of the commercially available autoimmune treatments block TNF to the point that it has a negative effect on your immune system. They are a sledgehammer, while using psychedelics like psilocybin is like using a scalpel.

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Potent TNFa Blockade

By stimulating certain serotonin receptors (5-HT2A), psilocybin creates a potent TNFa blocking effect. Due to legal constraints, most studies examining this effect are limited to animal studies. Many studies investigating this mechanism have used unscheduled, easier to access psychedelics like R-DOI. They may be easier to get for researchers, but psilocybin is the easiest for the average person. The goal is to stimulate the 5-HT2A receptor to reduce TNF.

Psilocybin In Practice

Psilocybin is an incredibly convenient option. It is pretty much free if you cultivate it yourself, while other TNF blockers are expensive and not always fully covered by insurance. It also doesn’t cause any of the side effects normally associated with TNF blockers, like increased susceptibility to infection.

Psilocybin has an extremely low risk of toxicity and you can take it orally. Scientists seem to be unsure about what is a harmful dose, since it would probably take such an extreme amount. On the other hand, 3 teaspoons of nutmeg can be fatal.

It is important to not dose too often, since dosing too often can have some consequences on your cardiac health. Once a week or twice a month would be a reasonable dosing schedule.

A Full On Psychedelic Experience Is Not Necessary

The psychedelic experience can be a wild ride, and it is easier for some than others. Some people don’t tolerate the psychedelic effects very well, while others are perfectly comfortable. The good news for those looking to benefit exclusively for colitis is that they can use very mild doses that have little to no psychoactive effects and still enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits. The larger, more immersive doses are more appropriate for mental health issues and chronic pain conditions.

Eleusinia Retreat

At the retreat, we coach visitors through a rather intense psychedelic experience. Teaching management techniques, cues and approach is a large part of what Eleusinia offers our clients in a structured and safe setting. We also teach a comprehensive mushroom cultivation course for those looking to incorporate psilocybin into their ongoing treatment plan.

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