Raina Visits Eleusinia


In this heartfelt interview with Tawnya, Raina reveals her deeply personal journey from trauma to healing. Triggered by a horrifying event involving her son, this path forced Raina to question her religious beliefs, grapple with anger, and seek a new way to reclaim her life.

Finding Her Path: Psychedelic Therapy

Raina’s quest for healing initially led her to explore Ayahuasca, a traditional spiritual medicine. However, it left her unsatisfied, sparking an interest in other paths. After watching a Netflix documentary on Psilocybin, she felt drawn to the potential of psychedelic therapies. Further research into Psilocybin and MDMA made her decide to confront her own resurfaced childhood trauma head-on.

The Sanctuary: Eleusinia

Despite initial fears and uncertainties, Raina took a bold step: she decided to attend a retreat at Eleusinia. This decision became a pivotal turning point in her healing journey. The compassion and understanding shown by the retreat’s owner during her personal orientation allayed her fears and made Eleusinia feel like a sanctuary. This sense of security was further bolstered by her interaction with Josefina, the Eleusinia curandera, who demonstrated empathetic understanding and quickly identified the roots of Raina’s trauma.

The Healing Ceremony

When the day of the healing ceremony arrived, Raina faced it with a mix of nervousness and readiness. The retreat’s preparatory practices, including yoga and breathwork, along with the guidance and support from the staff and community, helped her achieve a state of preparedness. This transformative experience, difficult to encapsulate in words, represented a new chapter in her healing journey.

The Ripple Effect: Confronting Life with Newfound Strength

Raina’s transformation at Eleusinia went beyond the personal realm. Her experience with psilocybin therapy allowed her to confront her emotions, discover her inner power, and undergo remarkable life transitions. This transformation became especially evident when she stood up for her daughter in a challenging situation with her soccer coach, showcasing the newfound strength and assertiveness she gained from the therapy.

Ongoing Growth: The Journey Continues

Raina views her journey with psilocybin therapy as an ongoing process. She considers the Eleusinia retreat as a yearly ritual for self-care and growth. With plans to introduce her husband and perhaps her parents to the retreat, she appreciates the holistic care and genuine empathy Eleusinia offers.


Raina’s experience serves as a testament to the transformative power of psychedelic therapy in healing deep-seated trauma. It is a shining beacon of the strength of supportive communities like Eleusinia, and of the courage of individuals who dare to face their past and reclaim their future. The healing journey may be personal, but the impacts echo in every facet of life, forever changing the person and their interactions with the world.

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