Visiting A Mushroom Retreat In 2023?

Are you thinking about visiting a mushroom retreat in 2023? Your options for a psychedelic mushroom experience are ever-expanding as the new psychedelic renaissance picks up steam. There are retreat centers popping up all over Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and even select spots in the United States.

Eleusinia Retreat

Eleusinia Retreat is a unique retreat experience that aims to not only provide its visitors an opportunity to experience psychedelics but also the skills necessary to navigate such an experience, coupled with education on the science behind psychedelics and a place for community. Our five-day retreat includes multiple curated psilocybin and DMT experiences in a safe and secure setting, a mushroom growing course, presentations on the neuroscience of psychedelics, and coaching on how to incorporate psychedelics into your ongoing meditative practice. Eleusinia is the only mushroom retreat in 2023 that has a significant focus on imparting independence and self-sufficiency to its guests.

More Than Just A Psychedelic Experience

Many people visit a mushroom retreat because they want to experience psychedelics. We take that a step further by also teaching you how to grow psychedelic mushrooms Eleusinia Mushroom Cultivation Course and provide you with cutting-edge information on neuroscience and the health benefits of psychedelics.

Personalized Attention

We are a small retreat, with only six guest rooms, so each visitor gets plenty of individual attention. You can find plenty of pictures of our location and program on our website and Instagram. Since privacy and security are tantamount to us and our visitors, our photos do not include any faces or identifying factors.

Varied Experiences

During the retreat, you experience psilocybin at a range of doses. Our goal is for you to develop a level of comfort and ease with the psychedelic experience to approach future encounters with a measure of knowledge and confidence. The DMT experience adds further nuance to your psychedelic repertoire.


Following the macrodose experience at Eleusinia Retreat, guests enjoy a series of one-on-one sessions with experts in various psychedelic integration approaches. We provide traditional integration services, along with a more somatic, mind/body approach, and also traditional Mesoamerican spiritual guidance.

Hear From Guests

If you would like to hear what our guests are sharing about their experiences, you can check out our Google Reviews. We even have a retreat podcast. Frequent guests from past retreats share their stories there. Listening to our podcast is the best way to get a feel for what the experience is like from real visitors.

How To Get There

Getting to Eleusinia is easy. Our transport picks guests up directly from the Mexico City airport and whisks them away to our mountain villa in the lakeside town of Valle De Bravo, where we enjoy fresh, cool mountain air year-round.

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