Taking Mushrooms For Cluster Headaches

Clusterbusters: #1 Authority on Mushrooms and Cluster Headache

Clusterbusters is an entire online community dedicated to supporting both research on everything cluster headache related and the individual patients that struggle with this painful condition. The website, www.clusterbusters.org, contains a wealth of information on the practice of using mushrooms to manage cluster headaches.

Clusterbusters is the most complete source of information out there about mushrooms for cluster headaches that I’m aware of. It is complete with a supportive forum of helpful volunteers to address individual questions and a comprehensive list of medications used for cluster headaches that would potentially interact poorly with psilocybin containing mushrooms. I strongly suggest you visit their page for more information, including information about non mushroom related treatments like oxygen therapy. They will also have the most updated information regarding clinical studies and published results.

It seems to be well known within the cluster headache community that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, is effective for managing cluster headache. Again, the specific techniques are outlined on the Clusterbuster page, so I will just give a very brief summary here. Individuals in active headache cycle take small doses of a psychedelic, whether mushrooms or LSD, at five-day intervals until their headache cycle is broken. Many people find that a sub hallucinogenic dose is sufficient, but others find that larger doses are needed to achieve pain free status.


What does the use of magic mushrooms to treat cluster headache actually “look” like in practice? People do not ask this nearly as often as they should, and I imagine that in general everyone imagines we are just hallucinating all the time and dancing around in drum circles like Woodstock when they hear about “using magic mushrooms for cluster headache”.  This is far from reality, in fact, one of the most valuable aspects of psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) is that it provides prevention for a significant period AFTER the psychoactive effects have worn off, allowing you to enjoy life with a clear head. Individuals figure out a dosing schedule that works for them, some get a few days prevention from a dose and some get a few weeks or months. The mileage varies for everyone, usually depending on whether their condition is episodic or chronic. But no, none of us are “tripping” through life in a constant psychedelic state.

Pain, A Powerful Unifier

Cluster headaches can hit a person at any age or from all walks of life, not just those who are naturally “ok” with the idea of taking mind-altering substances. Many people who consider trying mushrooms for their cluster headaches have never tried any mind-altering substances before at all and are very apprehensive about the experience. Most of the stories we hear about “tripping” experiences are quite hyped up and exaggerated, further contributing to the anxiety. Being under the influence of psychedelics also puts us in a highly suggestible state, which turns the anxiety of a bad trip into a self-fulfilling prophecy for many individuals. Taking a meditative approach can help some get more positive results.

mushrooms for cluster headache

Not Like Your Typical Medication

Using mushrooms to treat pain is not easy. It is not like taking other types of medicine. It requires your psychological and physical participation. I often hear about people having difficult experiences. They miss out on potential results because they skip this part of the approach and try to avoid active participation. The more comfortable you are with the experience, the more comfortable you will be adjusting dosage and frequency to find what works for you. My personal goal with each session is to stay calm and meditative.

A good number of clusterheads have told me that they have had unpleasant experiences with mushrooms. Because they are some of the toughest and highly motivated individuals I know, I imagine it is because they are the group most likely to jump in feet first without much preparation. It is fine to have a relaxed, casual approach to psychedelics. It is also fine not to research too far into the neuroscience behind the experience and hallucination in general. But for some people, knowing is power, and that power makes them more comfortable in the experience. I am 100% sure the difficulty associated with the experiences has negatively impacted their ability to benefit from the mushrooms because it affects their decisions related to frequency and dosage.

Taking psychedelics successfully on a regular basis is a lot like riding a bike. If you fail to pedal, not only are you not doing it right, but you will also have a nasty fall. Maybe you will understand the comparison later. I’m aware that is sounds a bit far out there, but as a jungle psychedelic guide, it is my prerogative to throw out inscrutable wise sounding things occasionally.

One challenge that presents itself for the most clusterheads is the episodic nature of the condition. Most sufferers are considered episodic, with attacks only a few weeks each year. We are all human, and planning is difficult, especially when it relates to a traumatic experience that we would prefer to forget. The arrival of a headache cycle can catch a person flatfooted without prescriptions ready and filled and without a batch of mushrooms. Growing a flush of mushrooms will take about 2 months, so it is best to be prepared. There are several ways to store them, even for up to a couple years at a time.

Please do not expect to visit our retreat to “cure” your cluster headache condition. Maybe for some people one psychedelic session can have lasting preventative effects, but for most people it takes more. Visiting our retreat is about investing in the skills to manage your condition on your own. To put things simply, we are a fancy “gardening” retreat where participants also learn to meditate calmly through an intense psychedelic experience. We do not diagnose, treat, or cure any type of disease, but we do set up our guests to be able manage on their own with confidence.

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